.45 is just like 9mm but for adults, ya right, let the war begin


Lol i was messing with the poster above. .22 is a great round for plinking


:slight_smile: yep


Now that is one sexy gun.


Try finding one of those correct handed!


I might go back to carrying .45 someday, using my 9mm (124g ranger ) I put 4 shots in a coyotes shoulder and head. I wasnt very impressed with the 9mm there. I was out at my buddies place and the damn coyote was trying to eat his wives Chihuahua lol.


What was the round you used, if I may so inquire? Speer LE 124/147 GDHP and Federal HST should be good to go. IMI and Prvi are excellent as well.


Gdhp comes in 45 as well 200 grain with a charge of 6.8 ram zip does it quite well
Just with bigger holes!


In a 20 oz pistol I am concealing in my waist band or ankle holster I can get 10 rounds in my 9mm.

My Colt Officer’s ACP holds 7 .45 and weighs 34 oz.

Both have their place. But my EDC is the 9mm (S&W M&P 9 Shield w/MagGuts kits).


It’s not all about the size, is it?


Kind of funny how lopsided their opinions are and Bill Wilson preferring 9mm was pretty shocking.


9mm only. One love!)


I’m kinda surprised that so many pros can unanimously be wrong. (Kidding). I am and always have been a .45 guy. Kinda like your first love. But the arguments do make sense. Though here is Ca the capacity difference is minimal since we’re capped at 10. I guess it’s time to reevaluate. But I’m an old dog and this is a new trick.


There is nothing wrong with the.45 acp. Its just 9mm has alot of R&D into it and is no longer a wimpy round.


Get a desert eagle in .50ae, it holds 7+1. Problem solved.


I find a .500 magnum with a 2.5" barrel is ideal


Well that would be my preferred EDC if I didn’t have to wear two belts and suspenders. :cowboy_hat_face:


I tried carrying my desert eagle for the day one time. That was more than enough for me.


I just did some horse trading with my tiger striped desert eagle Monday night. It was mint, never fired. Sat in my safe for 6 years since I bought it & value wasn’t really increased since kahr took over and cheapened them. So in return I got Beretta m9a3, m&p 2.0, 2000rounds 9mm ammo, & leather galco holsters for both. Got back more than than I had invested so I’m happy. I’ll just miss pulling it out of the safe to pet it once a month lol


Bs ask your girl? And if you talk with (practical)"experts"in the end size matters mass matters velocity matters. Carry both sometimes my xds with five rounds gdhp 200-45acp hides better than 15-1in nine and a bigger gun makes me tired,health issues. Depends where im going what im doing season ect, sometimes i wonder when im not looking are the nines and the fortyfives in the gun safe dukeing it out,so much hostility!


Practical experts? Those are some of the top experts ,period.