450 Bushmaster Reloading

Couldn’t find the 250gr FTX so opted for the 225gr FTX. Hornady factory 250 on the left, 225gr with H110 load, and 225gr with LiLgun on the right. Both reloads are hornady once fired brass.

Liked the load with H110, loaded up another 40 in that load.

Next up is the 300gr XTP mag shown with the 225 FTX.

Did another powder charge of H110 and LiLgun for the 300gr which I have not tried yet. I think the load with LiLgun will be the better in that heavy. Profile looks close to the 225gr. Hoping to not have feed issues with the 300gr.


All reload information is from Hodgdon web site or Hornady 10th edition. The 300gr XTP is loaded in new Starline brass, and yes there is felt difference in the press using that brass.


Cool i got 2 big bore AR uppers coming Wednesday. I was planning on doing a 450 bushmaster. I got 120 winchester rounds that’s going to be my source brass.


You must be shooting them in an AR? That bullet profile wouldn’t fill me with confidence.


Yes I do have it in AR platform. From what I have read about the 300gr some have had trouble with it feeding and some have not. Also some with bolt guns have had trouble with this one. :man_shrugging: I have not tried it yet but will find out. I have the Lee reloading book as well which shows some info on lead cast bullets. Since I don’t cast my own I will have to find something in the hardness they have in the reloading data.


Love working up new loads.
Lilgun and AAC2200 are what performed best in the 458 SOCOM
Waiting for some chrony data!


Please keep us informed. More fodder for the grey matter.

I shoot a much less blunt bullet in 300BLK (AR) and I’ve relegated it to the plinking category. One malfunction did that. Bullets with a similar meplat in .50 Beowulf feed with no issues.