5.56 vs 6.5 Grendel, velocity, and energy debate!


Yes but that’s a barrel. The one I linked is a kit minus a stripped lower.


The Valkyrie is near the top of my next build list. That round is trying to replace the Grendal as the long range AR15 round.


I’m not interested to be honest. I have only really seen 90gr. And the price!


It’s hard to beat .26 cents a round!
Granted it’s not match ammo keep in mind.


Not sure if you’ve shot a Grendal yet, but I would suggest you get a good brake. It’s a very high powered round with a lot of snap. The pressure wave from the brake will surprise you.


Good info. Thank you, and I haven’t shot one yet. I really want to!


If you’re just looking to pew pew at the range, you don’t need anything more. I would have a hard time reloading at that price. Granted it’s steel cased and most indoor ranges will not allow you to use that.


Not sure if you saw this video, but my son and I shot mine a while back.


Yeah I really hate shooting indoors. Bad.


Im really not sure what other rounds really compare, I liked my Grendel well enough. Wouldve kept it if I would have known it wasnt going to die off. Maybe the militaries new 6.8 will be able to compare?


Maybe. To be honest I’m not holding my breath.

? The ammo is all over. Is it hard to find in your neck of the woods?


Was for a bit, at one point(2012ish) you couldnt find ammo around here or online. I thought it was dying off.

The militaries 6.8 is supposedly a modified 6.8 spc 2. Its being made for 1k shots and piercing most modern body armors. I want more details lol.


This looks interesting



From what I have seen, the .300 Blackout is really best for 200 yards or less.

Nowhere near as accurate (going past 200 yards), as the 5.56, or other longer range rounds.

I do like the versatility of the .300 BO, given you can more than double the weight of the bullet, if so desired (110 grain to over 200 grain).


Look at that sexiness!


That fits in a standard .223 mag, its like packing a Rat motor in a Vega


That sucks! Well I’m glad it’s around again.


It does. My concern is of course price, availability. The most thought provoking part of the article to me is that they stated that out of a 12 inch barrel with a 95 grain bullet the velocity was 2,600fps, but put a 20” barrel it was 2,800? Not gaining much ground there.


Now you speaking my language!
In all seriousness a small block is one thing in a Vega. A big block :grimacing: geez there’s a lesson in patience!


I didnt catch that. The Grendel does still look better.


I had a Howa mini action 20inch HBAR in Grendel and it was a very good shooting rifle, BUT for Deer it does not have the energy past 400 yards for me to use…Factory Hornady 123 SST’s only has 800 ft. lbs at 500 yards, after that it drops off fast…bullet drop doubles from 400 to 500 yards…it is far from a 1000 yard round for anything but paper or steel…


Good information on a hunting aspect!