5.56 vs 6.5 Grendel, velocity, and energy debate!


Thanks, just contacted them. Wish they had it in 300 blackout.


I believe they did .308 so I bet you can find it



I think it would look great on this 300 blackout.


They no longer make them. Bummer.


I’m a big fan of the Grendel, in the last 2 years. One turned into 4, real quick, with a Mk12 Mod 1 build for a great friend. It’s a great cartridge, designed for a great purpose - carry energy downrange, for a long way.

This 12.5" Grendel right here rings steel with accuracy, at 845 yards, with 10.6 mils of drop. The others are even better, less drop and longer barrels.


I love my Grendel, though I haven’t gotten it out past 200 yards yet, and haven’t taken it hunting. Mine is a 20” BA Hanson barrel fluted. Can’t find ammo local, has to benordered online. Was going to look into reloading but don’t have the space for it at the moment. But I got 500 rds of wolf and com SSTs. Love the boom on it with a VG6 comp. the guy next to me at the range didn’t like it so much.


Why? Just curious because from what I have read (and I’ve been reading a lot lately), they easily do 600+.


Yep, in Maryland everything is limited… just don’t have a place to shoot that distance. Maybe will take it deer hunting down on the eastern shore where I can see how it does at longer ranges.


Very easily do 600 +. The two 18" Grendels do 500 yards with 3.0 mils of drop, 845 with 9.0 mils. Haven’t gotten the 16" out past the 100 yard zero session yet, but it’s coming. That little 12.5" does 4.0 mils of drop at 500, and the previously mentioned 10.6 mils at 845. Amazing cartridge. That Mk12 Mod 1 Grendel I built for Matt Cross has a little less drop than my 18s, because he’s pushing a little more velocity through an Ops Inc 12th Model can. THAT is a sweet rig!

That 3rd one down turned into this:


This is where the 16" ended up, went the M4 route on it. Need a V-TAC Mk1 sling on it, and it’s done.