5.7x28 as a defensive round


I want to know what you think about the 5.7x28 round. Besides the cost and availability, more looking for what it can and can’t do that would set it apart from a .223 or 9mm for a defensive round.


County sheriff carried one . With the right ammo will defeat soft armor 20 round mags. I have only seen it in FN firearmsor an ar upper with ejection out the mag well.


The Ft. Hood shooter used one and he shot people up to six times with it and they lived, I met a woman he shot 3 times and she lived…those he shot with the 9mm did not fare so well…


Like to see someone put it to the test in gel
223,5.7,9mm,45 and just see !:open_mouth:


Much better than gel test!:hushed:


One can see at a glance, she is relaxed and has FANTASTIC trigger control! :heart_eyes:


I hope we all Do!I can’t stop watching!


I also second the 9mm. The 5.7 is a cool cartridge but somehow the 9mm to me would be more effective for self defense.


Not to mention in a shtf situation im guessing you could pick up 9mm everywhere5.7
Maybe not soo much?:grin:


The wife had some assignments for me yesterday so I’m just getting back to this. Would you all say the 5.7 is better suited for defense if going against soft armor and the 9mm is better for defense if they do not have armor? Kind of what I’m getting, it’s somewhat difficult to get past Roberts post.


She can control my trigger anytime.


I know I will get heat for this, but I’m going with 5.7x28 for a defensive round. A friend and I bought a bunch of pumpkins and did some ballistic testing. When we shot the pumpkin with the FN 5.7 round the pumpkin didn’t seem to move?? We walked up to it and saw a .224 hole entrance hole and holly cow! The back A hole bigger than my fist with a 3 foot trail of the pumpkin guts. Looking inside the pumpkin it looked like someone hollowed it out and was ready to cut out eyes and s mouth. Needless to say the 9mm didn’t do near as much damage.


The fact that you can load 50 rnd magazines and bottom ejection through the handle into a bag ( on some models) but it is still a PCC. A little better than a pistol, nowhere near a rifle.



Yes we are talking about pistols. FN 5.7 pistol picture for reference. Internally Hammer fire. 20+1.


Oh, okay, I get it.

No, I would never carry that pistol. If I am choosing a pistol it is for close in defensive or offensive use and it needs to be someting with a lot more ftlbs in it. At least .40 cal +P rounds, since that is what I have now.

Something like a PW Arms AR57 LEM Model Semi Auto Rifle 5.7x28 16" Barrel 50 Rounds Collapsible Stock Black AR57LEM-CAR I have thought about multiple times due to the high capacity and the bottom ejection…I reload ammo so I thought that was pretty trick.


Or a ps90!


Oh yeah! Loving that thing all day long. I’d want a barrel shroud on it though.


My only “concern” (if you could call it one), is over-penetration. How does this round penetrate compared to say, a 9MM 155 grain? Once the projectile does it’s work to the target, I want the bloody thing to STOP — Even though, that only happens in cartoons.
Target damage is one thing, but I don’t want to sacrifice stopping power for “over-stopping”.


I have the feeling that if you hit target that if it went through it would loose all of not most of its speed. I can do some tests later if I get free time.


That’s an awesome idea, Switchpod! And as you stated, any round will lose forward momentum/energy after any impact. But such testing would sure provide a very interesting comparison as to stopping force, target damage and over-penetration.
The results of a ‘side-by-side’ test of all three parameters like that, would give a VERY clear picture of the round one should choose for either offensive, or defensive applications for sure.