5 Things EVERY Firearm Owner SHOULD Be Doing

Here is our latest video drop, also available over on GunStreamer. Hopefully it will inspire a productive conversation to motivate all firearm owners to do more.


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epic fail my friend but no worries, keep working on it LOL


I blame the instructor, you said 5 points, then started with “buckle up”, thats 6

what the hell do I do with that?

Alright, let me try talking at you, er, wait, no, damn it, that was 3, or 4?


can I get a written test instead?


long as it is making you think, which apparently it is because i smell something burning, that was the point LOL


This video was great, @Robert is very patient with the last member in our group(Me). I feel like @CloverTac uses his hands to express his points and I would do it the same way if I could figure how to get the frazzzlin picture to show up. Oh well, I am persistent :upside_down_face:


Precious few have the time to research all the gun bills out there. I did this for years expecting it to matter that I was right…it doesn’t.

Short of taking them shooting, I have ‘converted’ very few folks.

Nothing matters to folks until it matters to them, you can’t make people care. Unfortunately, those that don’t care about firearms tend to vote against them.


i agree that “people don’t have time” point here is they need to make time if they are going to preach the second amendment. there are many tactics that can and do work that are seldom used, another point. as far as nothing mattering until they “care” we disagree there, you have to relate it and make it interesting. most time out side is too loud, scary and complicate the conversation. so overall point is we can’t do better until we get better at doing better so to speak.


CloverTac, I train people for a living. You cannot teach someone something they do not want to know. The truth is we must be ready to teach, but willing to wait until asked.


we can plant seeds, that doesn’t have to have anything to do with training anyone


We can let the weak die…
More food to pillage for me.


I send this to my first time students after the course. It has been pretty successful in starting conversations. There’s at least one paragraph pertinent to what @Clovertac is talking about.

Disclaimer: The following are solely my opinions.

Firstly, congratulations for taking your first structured course regarding firearms. Your desire to do so and perseverance in following through make it clear you are serious about this activity. Don’t discount that. I’d like to borrow a few more minutes of your time to cover some things that cannot be covered and discussed within the NRA course structure.

Hopefully the class has helped you to understand how the weapons work. Like any tool, firearms are most dangerous when operated by someone who doesn’t know how to operate them. Your knowledge, even at this early stage of your firearms training, likely exceeds that of more than 90% of the population of this country. Yes…really. But there is a lot more to learn and do.

So at this point you are probably trying to figure out your next steps. What do I need to buy? What additional training is there? Where will I shoot? What kind of shooting do I want to do? Before we go there I want to ask you to think about some less obvious, and possibly more important, things.

Gun control

Now that you have learned about and operated firearms, think about them again from your new perspective, and then any previous perspective if it was different. What changed, if anything, wasn’t the firearms, it was you. You learned how to operate this new tool, as well as what its abilities and limitations are. It’s very likely you were scared or apprehensive about firearms before the course, and now have more of a healthy respect for a tool which is no longer mystical, but does come with manageable dangers.

So ask yourself. If someone takes this tool away, what are they really taking away? The answer is ‘power’. What firearms provide is power. Transportable, compact, easy to use, and ranged…power.
The gun-grabbers of the world will tell you, straight to your face, that if we take all the guns away we will all be safer. Safer from gunshots…maybe. Safer? Absolutely not. Stop for a minute and picture how power would work in a world without firearms. Would criminals stop being criminals? Would people stop arguing or waging war on their neighbors? I am an average-sized male in decent physical condition. I can run pretty fast. I have even trained with a fair number of ‘primitive weapons’. So I might have a fighting chance in such a world. But what about grandma? Your sons and daughters? Someone in a wheelchair. Or even a single person, no matter how tough, faced by a group of bad guys?

These persons ONLY means of equalizing the power discrepancy is firearms. There is a saying “God made man, Sam Colt made all men equal.’ It’s sexist, but true. I’d rather have had “God made men, Sam Colt made little girls and grandmothers equal to men.” But it doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker.
I can hear you thinking “What’s your point?” My point is you have to make a decision here, you need to ‘pick a side’. In all likelihood you already have, I’m just asking you to admit it to yourself. If you took the course because you have a weapon in your home for protection or are going to buy one for your home for protection, then whether you have thought about it or not, you have already decided that there are situations in which you would shoot another human being. That is NOT a small decision to come to. Most of us will live our lives never shooting at another person, I hope none of you have to, but the decision that you would rather kill than be killed is not universal. If you have made that decision, own it, and realize that means you have some more work to do if you want to truly be ready if that moment comes in your life.
If you took the course with only an interest in shooting competitive sports, there is plenty of exploration ahead for you as you try the various shooting sports. But I caution you not to make the mistake of viewing your chosen guns, and the games you choose to use them in, as being ‘different’ than the guns that the anti-gun folks want to ban. You cannot, logically, be on both sides.

In either case, I challenge each of you on one more item regarding gun control. When you are out and about in your normal lives (you know…not at the range) and someone says something about firearms that you know to be wrong…call them on it. Be kind, helpful even. Don’t be smug or argumentative. Don’t try to win them over, that usually can’t be done. But what CAN happen in those moments is that folks listening, whose minds aren’t made up, they will see a rational person and a (usually) irrational person, having a disagreement. It will occur to them that the person on the pro-firearm side is behaving, not like the raving lunatic they were told to expect, but as a calm and reasonable person. This impact will be all the more impressive coming from you if you are a trusted friend, and they may seek you out later to ask more questions. Only answer what you know to be true. And don’t get into any of this if you do not have a clear head.

The reality is the anti-gun crowd is wrong, they want to use emotion to make a decision, we need to use logic…cold, calm, logic…to prove them wrong. If you want to read one of the best examples of this I refer you to http://www.amazon.com/More-Guns-Less-Crime-Understanding/dp/0226493660


If you have gone a step further, and decided you want to start carrying a pistol to protect yourself and others, understand what you have really done is take on a huge responsibility. While the 2nd amendment protects our rights to do such things, and Georgia law makes it very easy to do so, I feel strongly that the decision to carry should also be a decision to get adequate training. Pistols, as you have learned, are not hard to operate. They come in many calibers and sizes to fit your needs. But as with any tool, training is necessary to operate it WELL.

Practicing at ranges is very important. Practicing in organized shooting events is even better, as it adds an element of stress where we can discover where our faults are and what we need to work on. That costs time and ammunition, commit to that. Only training will help you be more accurate and efficient with your pistol.

But it is equally important to train your mind.

Here is a scenario for you to ponder. You are at an outdoor event, maybe a flea market, and you are armed. You suddenly hear gunshots, move yourself and family to a nearby table, and look to find the source. The gunman is 20 yards away and firing away from you. It is clear he is firing indiscriminately at whoever he can see. What do you do?

This is a trick question. There is no correct answer. You may choose to draw your weapon and keep the shooter covered as you move you/your family away from the scene and never fire a shot. You may choose to draw and engage. Your criteria for when someone else needs to be shot is yours alone.
But understand this. You didn’t become a killer when you bought that firearm. You’re not becoming a killer when you decide to wear it every day either. You’re not wrong or crazy to want to defend yourself. What you are, consciously…intentionally, becoming is someone with a choice they may have to make. If you decide to carry, you will at least have that choice.

Think for a moment of all the people who have died defending themselves and/or others. Some school teacher holding a door shut as long as she can until the rifle rounds coming through finally hit her. Some guy running towards the gunman in the movie theater thinking “10 more feet.” as the killer’s muzzle tracks him. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT asking for your emotional response, emotions are irrational, I am asking you to put yourself in that scenario, turn on nothing but the cold logical portion of your brain, and fill in this blank “I wish I had a _____.”

I look forward to working with all of you again. Hit me up anytime on any questions, I didn’t stop being your instructor just because the class is over.

Bruce Perry


@stimpsonjcat i like that, good stuff man. one thing that i was told years ago and still repeat to this day is… if you feel the need to engage with your firearm, quickly ask yourself, “who’s life am i saving”? if you cannot answer that question with 100% assurance in a millisecond, then you probably should not engage. take cover, set up a defensive position, observe, retreat but don’t engage.

you are absolutely spot on about people taking on the “personal” responsibility in their own way. i know some that swear their priority is protecting their family, outside of that, they will flee rather than engage given the chance. i am sure you agree, we are not obligated to be heroes but we all have it in us if we so choose.

thanks for this, great conversation and what this whole experiment is about!


Ok… ok… so I have to agree on the whole thing and totally agree if you cannot make that determination that you are actually saving a life, do not engage with a firearm.


lol…In a world where everybody has common sense maybe those 5 things would work, In todays world, fat chance…the anti’s have not be listening for the last 30 years on what any gun owner cares about, there is no common ground an anti will go along with other than more infringements and bans…look at our elected officials, now tell me how common sense talking and pro gun facts has changed any minds ? the democrats have already introduced more infringements and changing schumer, Bloomberg, Pelosi, or Feinstein’s minds with real Facts is 100% futile…


i never once advocated for trying to change politicians minds, we need those that are unaware and uneducated, which is the vast majority of people, not the hardened left and certainly not the politicians, they full well know what they are doing and why… on that we agree.


The Politicians are the ones making and passing Infringements not everyday Citizen Joe, does not matter how many average Joe’s you convince…even if those same Joe’s vote for so called Pro Gun candidates, we all know those people do a lot of changing once the D.C. money starts flowing to them…IF you can’t convince those who make the Laws you will lose…and we are losing…


@stimpsonjcat something i wanted to hit on that you mentioned earlier but forgot is on the emotional thing. you are 100% correct in that a tactic used for years has been to prey on emotion. first is say, our side does that to which is part of my point in the video. we have to stop trying to manipulate people through the emotion of fear while we at the same time demonize the anti movements for using the same tactics with slogans like “save the children”. but we have to realize that many that are uneducated are not willing participants to the anti movement, they have been bamboozled through emotion. that said, the question remains, how do we deal with it. i contend, so long as we are not talking a lock step anti loon, we have to respect the fact that to that person, those emotions are very real. if we were uneducated we would have the same emotions most likely. we have to address them, but as you point out, we address them with logic and reason.


The problem is half of the population mostly relies on emotional responses for all decision making.


@stimpsonjcat can’t much disagree. our side is good at identifying problems but bad an actually creating conversations around and going about ways to fix them. many on our side live on emotion as well and that emotion is despair. we have to do better at that, we have to get more positive, have to communicate more with each other, inspire each other, motivate each other. i like your follow up email, shows you are attempting solutions and for that you have my respect.