5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety At Your First Match



There was a guy a few weeks ago, he was just shaking, his whole body. I took him aside and talked to him. Next stage he was much better.


It’s something you learn in martial arts. It’s just controlled breathing.


Probably the best way to avoid anxiety at a shootin’ match is to be prepared and have complete confidence in that preparation.
It’s amazing how many people will show up to a match without so much as even reading the rule book.
It’s almost as silly as showing up to a motorcycle race without a clue as to how to ride.
Blame it on tv where actors can pretend to be anything the script sez, regardless of talent.



“What do you mean I cant just blaze all the targets with a drum?”


I received the book “Mental Marksmanship” as a gift a couple years ago and still think back to some of the lessons when I find myself getting overwhelmed. It makes excellent points about shooting under stress and how important muscle memory is. I’d highly recommend it for any level of shooter.