50 BMG deer hunt


Almost unbelievable Simply Amazing!


Wow, dead right there and he didn’t even hit it.




If you think about it… that was crazy. Dang… maybe I should hunt gophers with mine. :thinking:
Shoot right over their heads and turn them inside out. Like a dozen at a time. :grin::crazy_face::ghost:


I don’t think he’s using enough gun. And what kind of a wuss shoots from indoors?

I shoot a .54. :grin: Outdoors.



It sucked the eye balls out, I call that just enough.


ok, so the gun and the bullets are all big and heavy. But, who here doesn’t want a .50 BMG?

Actually, that Barrett looked on the small side for a .50 BMG - almost like a carbine. Great for hunting…whatever you want!


It’s pretty evident right away that he missed. No entry wound. A 750 gr. bullet would take the head smooth off. Pretty foolish to hunt with such a big round, as you’ll have no usable meat. Still, pretty impressive that he killed it by concussive force alone. Like barking a squirrel in a tree with a. 44 magnum.



Agreed - would spoil a lot of meat if shot normally.

That is why the head shot.


Beautiful Rifle!



for your consideration

Vanishing eyeball death


I want to try this with mine. On gophers


We’ve all heard stories about how a .44 magnum pistol will knock ya’ over with a hit on the finger.
Boyo, this thing actually can do that.
Amazing round.
I’ve only witnessed a fifty in action once.
A guy at the range was zeroing one and actually offered me a shot with it
But when I saw the recoil, I chickened out.
It should have been a hint when there was nobody anywhere near this generous fellow.
He had that part of the range all to himself.


My BGM weighs in at 30 pounds and has a 6 port brake. The recoil is very manageable. Much more of a push than a hard hit.


A 750 grain 50 caliber round costs $5 each.
That alone should give pause.


I know a guy that coyote hunts with his . Said with a good hit it basicly vaporizes them.


I will be able to post video at some point. Hahhahaha