.50 BMG from McCutchen firearms


Yes, the AR15 platform can shoot a .50bmg, and do it very well, and at an amazing price. No need to break the bank with you can build one for about 1/3rd the price of a Barrett.


Pretty neat setup! I found out yesterday that Serbu firearms is right down the road from the office! Planning on going to check out the operation soon.


Lot of fun to shoot. The total cost does get up there when you start adding on, like glass and a bipod. Anything rated to handle a BMG has a rather high price tag. However, putting cheap stuff on it only to have it break would also get expensive.


I did not know that and like their prices :thinking:


Just across the bridge in Tampa! I too was surprised at their affordability! Well, relative affordability that is


TR, can you take some pics of the upper assembly (top m bottom), BCG and chamber? I’m curious to see some close ups of those areas.




Thanks! That is awesome. Do you have to use an AR10 lower? Or can you use a standard mil spec AR15 lower?


It can use a standard AR15 lower without a bolt catch installed, or a single shot AR15 lower. Only thing that needs to be changed from a standard lower is the hammer and hammer spring, both are included with the upper.


Awesome. .50 BMG intrigues me. I wonder if our local outdoor range allows it.


What the hell… Fucking US government.




Wow, I thought those were just rumors from @srdiver


That sucks. I remember hearing about some bill trying to make any upper that’s .50 fall under ATF regulations, but didn’t know if it ever went anywhere.

See, this is an example of one chip at a time. Up until this point is was anything over .50 was considered a destructive device.


It says " We expect to be compliant no later than 04 Sep 2018 ." May need to contact them to see if that simply hasn’t been updated.



Thats nice

service branch…

so who/when challenges this?


I’m glad I got mine before this. Kind of sucks having to go to a FFL to get an upper. Wonder if an un-assembled upper is different.


This is so aggravating. Get ready folks, this is our future for all uppers unless this gets challenged and overturned quickly. The ATF is an anti-gun origanization and will absolutely love any more regulations and banning things we have a right to. If does after all keep them employed and relevant.


The law states, the only part of a gun that is considered to be a firearm is the lower receiver. This is over reach on the part of the ATF. Forcing people to use an FFL for an upper is a joke.