.50 caliber AR15 weapons of war have no place in the woods


We talk about this week as well as watch a painful video from moms demand where she talks about the loud booms being AR15s shooting .50 caliber rounds and how these weapons of war are not needed in the woods.


We had a guest who was chagrined that I have a rifle (a single shot) in that dreaded AR-15 anti-tank high powered .223 Rem round. So I pulled out a Hornady reloading guide and showed her the statistics. Making special note of how many pages into the reloading information it was. And also stressed I believed it to be suitable for only small to medium (under 100 lb) animals. Then I showed her the .260 Rem I used for deer. (about 1/3 of the way through the section). Then I showed her the .30-06 - as a typical hunting round in the US. Then I took her up to the larger “African” calibers.

I don’t think it sunk in - but she was amazed how “tiny” a .223 was in the ballistic world.


I show people this and say pick out the .223


Sooooo, were back to the hunting and fishing thing again? Not for hunting and fishing? Never shot a fish?ok maybe a halibut and a few tuna!
Yes the scary black overpowered 22!
And diane feinstein should just stay out of the woods!