6 customers draw guns on men attempting to steal tools



More of that would go a long ways to make criminals think twice.


Good composure for the guy that landed on the hood, not everyone would have had that restraint.


A shot through the windshield would have sent a better message. When he was run into, it was assault with a deadly weapon.


I can hardly wait to move back to Washington state hahahhaha


Pursuing people with guns when they are taking only property seems both excessive and not too smart. Especially when you consider it was from a store. I could understand if they had been armed or if they had used violence, but to just chase after them for some property that doesn’t even belong to you is not even close to standing your ground. Plus, in Washington, I’m surprised they weren’t all arrested.

I’m sure this opinion won’t be popular.


Kind of agree - is a piece of merchandise worth a life.
a good description, video or pictures is a far better weapon for the police other than holding them at gun point, plus from the sounds it could have went sideways real fast with the hood rider. At least they shot the tires instead of the thieves.


I very much agree and would urge caution in the deployment of firearms for merchandise theft. I admire the group of forming together to present an opposition to attempted theft. It is useful to make the scumbag know that they are met with opposition by armed folks, call 911 and wait for the scumbag to react. Still get to be heroes!


It should be the opinion of every responsible concealed carrier.


“Now police also want to talk with the civilians who opened fire.”

Police couldn’t arrest them, because they apparently left before the police got there. Looks like the police don’t even have their names.