6 parts of a home defense plan



One way to deal with either a home break in or a fire is the most obvious one.
Leave if possible.
Without suitable training, fighting intruders or a fire is best left to the experts.


Right you are


I’m a huge proponent of the safe room concept, as long as it’s truly safe. And by that I don’t mean concrete and a thick locking door with CC cameras throughout the home. It’s just a place to hunker down and wait for the cops (if possible) to get there*. While waiting get on the phone to dispatch, on speaker, and CYA by telling the intruders what they have waiting and the trigger(s) that will result in deadly fire. Stated nicely of course since if it goes to court you’ll hear your words again.

OK, safe room, for hunkering down, but you also need an exit just in case. If required, do you have a way to break a window in the room? If on a 2nd floor or higher do you have a way to get down safely? These things need to be considered, thought out, and preplanned.

Our safe room is at the end of the hallway, in pleasanter times it’s called the master bedroom. It has an armoire for cover and to allow me right hand shooting from behind. In the room I have plenty of blinding lumens should the power be cut. It also contains plenty of fire power. Anyone trying to access the room would be fully ventilated long before reaching it. It would be suicide to try since they would be blinded by the light, and the distance too far to traverse successfully.

Give your circumstance some thought gents. You might need to rearrange the furniture, but 40+ years ago I set up the b’room with this concept in mind. Yes, a small baseball bat is next to the window we’d use for an emergency escape if it’s frozen shut in the winter. That window also has a decal on it that marks it as having people in it, for the fire dept’, should we be trapped in it.

*If you live so far in the boonies that their arrival is hours away, you’ll need to take that into consideration and plan accordingly.