7.62*39 in an AR platform?


Does anyone here own a 7.62*39 in an AR platform and if so how accurate is it and how do you like it?


I owned one for a year or so and don’t have it any more. I didn’t want to buy more different magazines. I have a lot of 5.56 magazines and AK47 magazines. With that rifle I had to buy all new magazines. In the end it wasn’t for me. Accurate enough, but do own AK’s that where more accurate than that rifle.


I find that very intruiging you know that? Let me guess, a 7SF-84 perhaps? Now those are known to be good…


For the AK 47 line up that was more accurate was the Arsenal SAS7 and the other was you guessed it the Arsenal SAM7-sf 84.


Thanks for posting. It was useful for me. :neutral_face:


I used to have a SAM7. It would piss my brother in law (Marine) off when i would out shoot him and his AR15 at 200 yds :dizzy_face:


Ha! That’s funny because I have two marines that I did the same thing to at the range m, but it was 300 yards. In both cases they bought new rifles and still hate the AK47.


Have an Olympic Arms (are they still around?) in 7.62 X 39. It shoots to 1 MOA at 100 yds; the 7.62 X 39 is a soft-shooting round, great for extended periods of making things go boom./


That is good to know, I was wondering about the accuracy because I like the round, can’t explain why but I do.


Olympic is still around. I had the same question a few months ago.