7.62*39 in an AR platform?


I’d live to have a 7.62x39 upper to slam on an existing receiver, can’t believe nobody has come up with anything reliable yet


There maybe something
I’m by no means a expert on a AR
Bit as I said it has to do with the shape of the bolt and recoil


I’ve not heard of anything reliable but I am not up to date on a lot of news either. I’d assume it’s an engineering nightmare to perfect if even possible. However if we can put a man on the moon, anything’s possible it’s just a matter of how much money needs to be thrown at it and if someone’s willing to do so. Imo


I beleive this is why cmmg designed and built the mutant
The only thing it lacks is the ability to shoot 5.56 because of the mag well design

@LonewolfMcQuade and the moon landing I forgot my tinfoil hat


, you believe it was staged?


J beleive they needed a victory so they staged it

It’s on the same lines of false flag attacks
A agenda needs to be met so they make events happen to further there agenda
9/11 is a good example as well



Got ya. us gun guys are always trying to find lighter materials, may I suggest instead of a heavy tinfoil-hat, look to Titanium? LOL


Yes this is the psa offering
The ks-47 I haven’t shot one of these but I have shot a mutant
This must be there first gen rifle
The second gen rifle took standard akm magazines


5.45 AKs come pretty close to ARs. From what ive seen and heard.


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I will only ever build x39 AR’s for personal use. I have several, from 8” to 16” and I love them. I’ve built DI and piston systems. If you understand the performance of the projectile, you can build around that.

Bolts in the past were repurposed 5.56 bolts. By opening up the face of the bolt, it weakened the metal, and there were a LOT or report of broken lugs. That issue has since be resolved by multiple manufacturers with purpose built bolts.

Magazines were an issue in the past as well. The x39 does require a curved magazine, far more so than the 5.56x45. C-Products Defense and D&H mags have purpose built mags that are running flawlessly. A lot of people are having success with ASC mags, depending on who you talk to. Personally, I use all three mags without issue.

PSA has made a receiver set that allows the use of AKM mags. This upper receiver, lower receiver and bolt carrier are all proprietary. The AKM magazine sits higher than a M4 magazine, and requires a wider upper receiver. The carrier also requires a relief cut to pass over the higher feed lips of a AKM mag. This is an awesome feature, but negates the ability to swap uppers to another caliber.

The CMMG mutant was a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. Buy all their proprietary parts and never be able to upgrade or replace. I don’t make it a big secret that I’m not impressed with CMMG. Their complete rifle’s are lackluster, and their build parts (more often than not) require significant fitting. There are several other companies out there… Like Faxon Firearms… That do similar work, at a much higher quality, for a similar or lower price tag.


I just purchased one (actually 2, one for my son too) we will be attempting builds on them

Will be using Anderson multi cal receivers


I’m jealous!


go with the classic

or something a bit more modern


That’s really cool, thank you! I’m not ready to “pull the trigger “ on it but I will look into it.


Stupid import laws! We can’t have Norinco-Chinese-made guns in the US. I would love the opportunity to trick one of these M305a’s out.


after a bit of teasing I was going to highlight that ownership involved moving to the anti-gun country of canucklestan…


I assembled one using an AIM BCG, anderson upper, bbl, parts, and a nodak spud XM lower. Topped it with a Leupold VX1. Shoots very nice groups… C products def mags work well…! (It’s the one on the right)


Looks like the scope is good for reaching out? Is the drop compensation an issue with the 7.62 va 5.56?