7.62x54R availability?


Are any big box or chain stores that sell this cartridge? Or am I stuck buying it online? I don’t mind paying more for non-surplus ammo but just aren’t sure where if anywhere I could just walk in and buy some.

Also, what brands sell non-corrosive cartridges? I have no interest in surplus ammo that’s corrosive…


You have an Academy Sports?


Yessir, about 3 of them within about 15 miles of my house.


Their house brand makes 54r it’s no metal jacketed so I wouldn’t recommend a steady diet but for a couple times a year or once a month sure.


Thanks for the tip. For the majority of the diet what’s a good non-corrosive round to use?


PPU has some, of you handload I have a mix I found online that should work. Also my phone corrected bi-metal to no metal in my previous reply don’t know why


Fleet Farm if you have any of those near you, else they can ship to you. Brown Bear ammunition, non-corrosive.

Edit: They don’t ship to NJ CA MA OH KS IL NY DE DC WA CT