7 killed in Chi Town over weekend but ignored by Democraps


The fact that the DSA/dnc and the msm ignored this tells you what this is REALLY all about.
I will say it again:
If there were to ensue a fight for our freedoms, I might die during such an exchange, but I would die knowing that my soul is free because of the blood of JESUS CHRIST, and my body died a free man because of the blood of those who paid for my freedoms with their blood. I would have no shame in dying a free man knowing these things and to protect our rights.


So is the mayor saying that despite thier gun control laws, that they have no control over people? Really? I’m shocked! Either that or the the guns walked themselves from other states. Either way, it just goes to show laws don’t stop people from doing what they want to do and finding ways around the governments laws.

Criminals will find a way around laws just like law abiding citizens will be forced to break these unconstitutional laws too. Some Democrats say that illegal aliens will just find a way to circumvent a wall at our southern border, so why do they think the same doesn’t happen with gun control laws?

That city like so many other cities won’t take responsibility for thier own failures. Democrats and Republicans alike are always blaming each other for failed policies.

If this mayor is going to blame the State of Indiana for the access to guns, that still doesn’t explain why her city has such a high crime rate. If firearm availability was the cause of high crime, then Indiana would have the same high crime rate, but we don’t. Not even close.

Millions of people have guns across this nation, that doesn’t mean we are out using them against other people. Her city is a shithole. Gangs, ILLEGAL drugs, high unemployment and high crime. That’s on her and the city officials and the State of Illinois. Even rural Illinois, whom I’m sure has firearms don’t have that kind of violence.

I’m so sick of these politicians thinking that they can remove all weapons from the American people and somehow criminals will instantly turn into a law abiding citizens as a result. How absurd!


Wag the dog. Nothing more.


It’s not ignored.
It’s actively covered up by the rat owned LSM
Rat propaganda 24/7- nothin but BS