72 hour Get home/Bug Out bag


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You leave in vehicle or take everywhere with you?


I have this kit X 2, both whatever the situation dictates I believe in being over prepared.


I agree! I have similar setup. I keep Some MRE’s in it as well.


What kind of MREs do you use what brand I just keep power bars in mine.


I have a similar set up. Change of clothes, rain gear, IFAK, dry food, bottle water, plate carrier, AK74 with 7 loaded mags of 7N6 Ammo. Oh and a compass.


I’m not in as good of shape as you guys are, I couldn’t hump that for very long, I try to keep it as light as possible!




Thanks for the link👍


I put wrong link up originally, I fixed it. It’s good stuff.i take them hunting, in go bags etc.


31 lbs of gear. Minus ammo, and rifle, but 7N6 is very light. AK74 is 6.8 lbs.
I’m 6,2” 210 lbs, but it took a lot of time under weights “when you don’t cheat” to get there. Just do 1 thing every day and you’ll get there too. Just 1 thing till your low on breath and sweating for 45 minutes. That’s it.


How much is it with rifle and ammo?


It gets a little challenging with age lol I’m 6’4 250lb. I’ll be turning 45 next week. I’ve changed my exercise routine the last couple of years. I quit doing the heavy stuff and replaced with a more balanced routine. 3 days a week with strength exercise & 3 days on the elliptical. Take the dog on a 2mile walk almost every evening. Doing shit just hurts longer now than 20 years ago lol


45-46lbs on the high side.


Im8 Year’s behind you Brother, and I’m on the elliptical now for the last 40 minutes. I do feel the pain though.


You’re a beast!


I figure I can die doing it, or die talking about doing it. It’s my choice. It is hard. If it where easy everyone would do it.


I’m 5ft 8in 170 lbs can still run and bench 300 lbs at 56. The trick is to not let yourself go in the first place.


Somebody educate a moron… what exactly is a “72 hour get home bag” ? Does that mean SHTF and you’re out somewhere? If thats the case, I have my Glock 22 and my S&W 460 with less than 50 rounds of ammo. Some minimal medical supplies and a small amount of cash. I’m real damned resourceful though.


If things go to hell in a handbasket and you have to walk out on foot you have some gear to get you to where you need to go for approximately 72 hrs.