80% 1911 Build 2 Video Playlist


Decided to make this playlist post so it is easier for people to see the videos and for me to share the playlist.

This is where it all kind of started for me. 1st build didn’t really count. it was beginner’s luck and the pistol flew together with minimal effort. This build was a little more challenging and I tried to learn a lot more on it.


Nice catalog!


Build 2 part 12 was a great video for me a few years ago when I was first really delving into more that just basic repairs to a 1911
I had a old tisas gi model that I used to try this out on
I used a Wilson combat jig and beaver tail and blended it all
I was going slow because I didn’t want to screw it up but it came out beautifully
I’ve been hooked on your videos ever scince
The 1911 videos being my favorites


Thank you very much. I hope the future videos will not disappoint as well.
I used one WC grip safety on Build 7. They are pretty cool with that compound radius.
I still want to try a Chambers beavertail. The shape seems to be different enough to where I would want to feel it.


I think I’m going to use a Ed brown next time
I have the radius jig for that as well
I beleive the Egw beverage tail uses the same radius as well


EGW is .245" Radius to give you more material to fill gaps from possibly overcut tangs.
Harrison Design is .240" Radius to allow for a seamless fit even when the tangs are slightly overcut.


Good info


Oh, also, before you go to town on the tangs with that Ed Brown Jig, put just the jig into the beavertail to see how the jig aligns to the radius of the beavertail.

I was unpleasantly surprised by a couple of Ed Brown beavertails.


Thanks I will do so I’ve found Ed brown parts are just a tad diffeent as well

Isn’t it funny how addicting building a 1911 is
I had a friend over last night and he was wanting me to teach him how to work in his pistol
He asked me if I had ever seen any of your videos
I laughed pretty hard because I told him I use your videos as reference points all the time and if I have a question I always just ask you
He says you know that guy
I said no not really we just talk on line from time to time


I wish I could build and work on 1911s forever. It is my drug of choice.


Do you have a Mosin video ?


I decided not to bring those over. I have a couple on installing a PU scope, one on fuglying up a stock… the ones I posted were zeroing the PU scope and m44 disassembly.