80% 1911 for the Cheap Noob


I have been watching that site for a while now. If I wasn’t in the process of 2 80% builds right now…:worried:


Those frames look aluminum to me…


I am looking to build a aluminum framed 9mm


Go with a ramped barrel frame then.


Thank you for all of your hard work and videos on building 80% 1911’s


I work on 1911’s at work all the time but I’ve never built a 80% frame
I know you like the matrix jig to cut rails but it seem like it’s harder to index the cutters as opposed to the stealth arms jig
I’m twittering back and forth witch to get


You referring to height from the deck down or ???


It is my pleasure. For 9mm I would highly advise a ramped barrel.

Most or all 1911 80% frames I see are .45acp feed ramped. That means you will have to tuck in the bottom of the standard barrel face if you go with 9mm standard barrel

Matrix jig is my preference. But make sure the deck is in spec. Matrix jig references from the deck rather than from SS pin hole like SA Phantom.


I appreciate your advice
The matrix jig looks like it’s less work to operate
Than the stealth jig


Also, that website doesnt state what operations are left to complete the frame. It may need to be decked.

If you dont mind me asking… what do you do to 1911s at work?


Basic maintenance mostly spring changes
Ambi safety’s adding beaver tails to government models I’ve done some dehorning as well
Blending and refinishing ussualy dura coat or cerakote


That sounds like something I would enjoy doing.

Envy On.


Ahahahaha it’s grunt work
What you do is art I’m looking forward to a 80% build
I’ve been buying some of the specialty tools to do a build
I was thinking about the cheaper kits to do one first so I’m not ruining a 1300 or 1400 dollar build


Was the idea behind the thread, cheap RIA and testing the patience to do this type of work without just tossing cash away.


If CA didnt basically kill off these builds I would be game to do a build or two to see how cheap you could go. And since I have a ransom rest it would be cool to show what kind of accuracy you get out of these kits.

One of you in a free state should do it.


I haven’t been paying attention to all th ca laws
Are you not able to do 80% builds anymore


Pretty much


I would be game once I get through the 2 builds I am currently working on and the backlog of video work that I am doing.

I would need to beg, borrow or steal a rest though.


Dura Coated a frame and slide for some side work today


Looks great!!!