80% 1911 for the Cheap Noob




Looks good to me. I did the poly80 for the G19 and g27. Easy as pie with a dremel. Wanted to do a 1911 for a 10mm but haven’t dropped the cash on it yet.


1911 buiild are a more difficult
Takes patiences and the right tooling
@Mosinvirus is a excellent source for information have one on my bench right now
Just waiting in a decking jig


I wonder if CA will let me slide with this one? :roll_eyes:


Please go to the introduction thread and post a bit about yourself
I’m sure someone will be along to help you on this thread

Welcome aboard


Sights were installed today, I’m calling this an, antique, battle worn, truck gun finish

Sights came from @SAK from an early classifieds post we had here,

Thank you,

And @Mosinvirus maybe you can tell me why I needed 2 sets of grip bushings, what a bitch, I broke one from the first set and ruined one from the replacement set.

This is 10mm and fistful of iron , bull barrel, full length guide rod,

haven’t shot it yet, pencil shoots out so firing pin is doing its job


@Robert you should look into Challis bushings and o-rings.
they also sell the tool for them.

The standard ones you should also use the bushing tool on. Less chance of messing them up.



a tool



I ussualy buy a whole bag of grip bushings
They always f*ck up


Check out challis bushings. I would never go back to standard.