80% 1911 slide to frame fit calculator


Everyone, Before I go live with this I figured that I would post it here first to see what everyone thinks.

I have been working with a slide to frame fit calculator and need some people to beat on this a little to see if I forgot something or the directions are not clear.

Let me know what you think.



Is this math and science?




Good start, but it is not user friendly at the moment.
Just to be clear I was using my phone.

  1. The dimension fields should be labeled “slide” and “frame” or 1A, 2A… having the headers at the very top of the table is confusing.
  2. Spec rows should be clearly identified.
  3. Encourages loose fitting slides due to frame spec shown. Anything below .119 will be in red.

I would also encourage people to check slides and frames by measuring in multiple spots to identify problematic parts before fitting.


Thanks @Mosinvirus.

I am having some problems with the plugin and doing the colors. Plus some of my formulas are not working like I want them to.

I plan on revisiting this in February when I can dedicate some time to it.

I totally agree with your findings and you definitely point out some problems with the page.

Thanks so munch for looking. Since I am not a web designer, I sometimes have problems figuring out the user experience.

I will post an update in a few weeks.


I made some changes to it today. Check it out now and see if it is a little more user friendly.


Oh wait… the pictures are not showing up in the table. Crap, they are there in the preview of the post but now showing up in the live post.


Now pictures are showing up. Give it a try.