80% 2011 Build Video Playlist - This build was never finished.

I didn’t like how I built it, because of where the rails were placed and how the grip felt.
One of the main things to do when working on 2011 80% frames and when using the Matrix Rail Cutting Jig to cut the rails is to measure the deck height. In most cases you will need to place shims under the frame in the jig.


Noteworthy as a 2011 is on my short list :+1:

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Yup. If you will use a Matrix Rail Cutting Jig you should also get shims from them.

Dave and I worked out that only 2 shims are needed. .003 and .005". They will give you the best coverage for various short deck specs.

Idea is to bring the deck height up to as close to .348-.350" from top of the slide stop pin hole as possible.