80% AK47 build kits


Hello everyone I plan to build a 80% Ak47 from a build kit next year & I don’t know whether ( Romanian , Yugoslavian , Bulgarian etc ) one build kit is better than the other. I’m pretty sure that everyone has their personal favorite but there should be a general consensus of what countries produce good build kits. Any advice is appreciated.


You will find a lot of that, so here’s my opinion in order.

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Yugoslavian
  3. Romanian


what - you don’t like the Vaterland


Of what you listed Bulgarian
Just a little reality in building a akm
Kits are starting to get a lil harder to find and way more exspensive these days
What kind of receiver and barrel are you going to use ?
Do you already posses the tooling and skills needed to build a akm ?


This is why I prefer legos


you really need to quit picking on the Communists and their weapon of choice!




Im not picking on them , thats a pro AK meme. Embrace the propoganda, comrade.


It’s ok let him say what he wants to say
He wouldn’t know the first place to start when building a real weapon
My 8 year old son can build a AR
It takes skill to build a Ak


Thats a pro AK meme, sheesh, dont get your panties in a bunch.


I have never built one, nor do I want to at this point because I am in CA, but I imagine it would be super addictive.


They would multiply like your 1911s did
The most difficult part is bending the flat and welding in the rails
You have to heat treat the flat as well once it’s bent and drilled
Headspacing is also a crucial part of process
Riveting knowledge is needed as well
But this is easy to practice and learn
Kind of like your file work


Yeah, a smith buddy of mine was registering something like 30 builds this year.

He has a ton of knowledge and experience. Also has a press, can weld and rivet, etc.


Unfortunately it’s nit nearly as cheap as it used to be
Initial start up costs are steep just like 1911’s are
Kits used to be dirt cheap and before atf changed the rules for importation you would get a original barrel as well

The jigs and tooling is enough to turn people away if there not serious


Sorry for not being on the thread guys I’ve been at work . I’m new to building Ak47 but not new to building 80%.ers ( Sig 229, P80, AR 9mm & of course AR15 ) :grinning: all this started from me watching mosinvirus build his matrix precision Sig 229 and well I was hooked. As far as cost go for building a Ak47 I’m ok with it due to the fact that this is a hobby for me ( I only build 1 per year) but I’m completely ignorant to what country makes a good build kit in general.


I would suggest you look at the toth tools sets
They are affordable and easily stored ( if your only going to build 1 or 2
They are also easily sold if you don’t want to keep them afterward
Ak builder has a great selection of tools as well to build
I’d also suggest becoming a memeber of Akfiles forum or a similar forum to have access to build schematics and process as well as a excellent knowledge base to learn things from
Practice crushing rivets before you even attempt this process
You can thank me later lol
If you have questions I’m available if you need
@switchpod also is very skilled and can answer questions for you as well


I’m more than happy to help!
Thank you @Giantspeed.


I’m actually leaning to toth tools after seeing the videos on YouTube and I’m going to be on the lookout for 20 ton shop press if they go on sale in harbor freight during the holidays , now there’s a site called ghostguns.com that has a AK47 parts kit & a 80% hardened steel receiver what do you think about does kits for someone new to AK47 building. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question


I’ve seen there video
I was wondering if that’s what got you started when you said a 80%
I’m not trying to knock them but there not very good at it
It’s probably a romy g kit that your getting
Imo for your first akm build I would buy a actual receiver from a reputable company
Nodak spud
Your gonna have to get a barrel as well
The issue is the bending a receiver and hole placement is key
Heat treating as well
Honestly I destroyed several flats and bent receivers when I first started
Building akm rifles becomes a addiction. Once you build one there like rabbits they multiply in the safe
Toth tools has a barrel population tool that can be used to press the barrel into the front trunnion
So you have no need for a press
The barrel pin may be the only thing you really need a press for


I’ll look into those companies for the receiver and where do you suggest I look for the barrel? Also any recommendations where to look when it comes to picking up a build kit , like I said earlier this something I’m going to work on next year ( parts 1 month, jigs the other etc ) I cant even move on this until the holidays are over. My kids are already dropping hints :weary: for presents good grief lol . Well Giantspeed there’s dinner on the table and baseball on tv I’ll catch up with you guys later.