80% AK47 build kits


If you go with ReCreator I have a coupon code that will get you 5% off and free shipping. ZEKESHOOTS
I have several videos on building as does Mel64d.
If you are building your first. Buy the cheapest good condition kit you can find. Country of origin really does not matter much so long as it is combloc.
Do not order a Blank with trunnion holes drilled. These days you can get them with the welding done so that drops the cost of a welder off.
You can get by with a 12 ton press. I have never needed anything more. Head space gauge set is the first thing you need to put in your cart.
Like I said. Get the cheap kit so you will be comfortable with a potential “I really want to rebuild this” later down the road.
Once you build one. You will be back for more. Go check out Arms of America for a decent selection of kits.
You should grab a pair of calipers as well. And a set of good files.