80% AR10 Build Thread


Here’s where it starts, very excited, impressive piece of metal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Robert, what are the specs what’s it made out of ?


Its billet and DMPS gen1 configuration,

I’ve not done an 80 AR so pretty stoked,

I’ve been thinking/pricing etc for awhile

looked at retro builds like this

and even this one

I’ve done AR builds on blank receivers but never a grown up caliber, 300BO is the largest

so when the Noreen came up on sale, super great company, I pulled the trigger


@Robert, Thanks for the Intel 308 is a heck of round a true do it all caliber!


It is, and ammo is easy,

but being a bit

I may do the 375 RAPTOR which only requires a barrel change (kinda)


@Robert, Do the 375 Raptor!
I’ve been lusting after the big horn Armory AR 500


Maybe I will, but…will it be done before this site opens its video’s?

Today I put on a 1st coat as I plan to multicam these 3, figured a coat before I oil it up with sweat and cutting fluid, bad idea? we’ll see, nice thing about camo, perfection isn’t a prerequisite

Also did the pin holes on the lower I started on 7/4

I know I drank to much last night as today I’m playing Hank Williams in my garage :beers:


So you are just going to spray paint it? No confederate flag or skeleton graphics?


Is the dog’s name “General Lee”? Nice living room ,btw.


What do you use to paint ? That Scars paint job looks pretty legit.


What are you building this AR10 for, precision or general use run and gun stuff?


I’m looking at Robert’s living room- no kids I’m assuming? I could never keep carpet that clean in my house.


Im guessing Robert owns slaves (I would like to emphasize that I did not specify race or gender)


could go either way $$$$$$$$$$$$ :money_mouth_face:

ah, the ammo belt, glad you asked, yep GB also :blush:


So you do own slaves? How cliche.


This arrived today, I started to get jiggy with it, popped a thread when I started to tighten it, so sent an email and waiting for a response.


Well that sucks, was it a cheap brand or something?


No, thought it was the best I could get, will do about any lower, looks to me the bolts are too short, like I said, sent an email and waiting for a response, we’ll see


So, the Jig manufacturer is working with me but indicate those are the bolts they supply and say


so not expecting longer bolts today I went to the hardware store, they have 2" and 2 ½" …hmmmm… curious

anyhow I picked up four of the 2½ and cut them down ¼"

seems to be perfect, they tightened nicely


the lower I have does not have the buffer threads 100% through and the jig alignment tool will not thread through to the jig to align the lower, and…the top block fits with no movement (needed to align center)

bottom line, Noreen lowers should not be considered with this jig

deep sigh

another email sent to another supplier


You need to watch mcguyver while you work, itll help.