80% Tools


I’ve seen a couple recent videos posted here on the Matrix rail cutter,

I do have one and like it, curious what everyone has in their 80% toolbox?


@Robert I get to cheat a little since most tools are a business expense for me. So specific 1911 80% tools I own. Can you tell I like Matrix Precision?

Plus all sizes of these

I have all 3 sizes of these



Tools are as much fun as the guns sometimes, I often regret selling them more also :slightly_frowning_face: so try not to, have any finished 80%'s to post?


Not yet. This particular one is kind of a really personal so it will not be on display that much. I will do others in the future though.


Ewwwww, a secret weapon?

Like this?

or like this?


Yea… I am building a 1911 in 88 magnum.

In reality, it is a commemorative gun. I got the test firing done a few weeks ago and I may post pictures of it after I get done the Cerakote job. Haven’t decided yet.

I will tell you that I learned SO much from building an 80%. I knew how a 1911 worked now I understand how it works.

I have watched @Mosinvirus for years on YT. There is something about him that makes you want to take a file to a gun.


Now you have to dive into an 80 series 1911, and there are other differences to be learned

88 magnum? your’e dangerously close to the list now for sure :wink:


I plan on.

I wonder how many people will pick up on the 88 Magnum comment. You are right, I am dangerously and yes I do know my last name is an adverb :confused:


David at Matrix is a stand up kind of guy. And he goes abou business in a very respectable way. Always takes care of his customers.

I actually had an idea for another tool and I contacted him about it. He is way too busy with stuff he already makes and sells, but eventually that might happen too.

It will make shaping bottom lugs a bit easier.


I agree. David is awesome.

Any chance I can get a “prototype” when you can spare one? :worried:


I would love to see Waffenschmiedin X finish her Sig 1911 Clone. Of course she is going the 0% route though…


I just checked out her channel. She makes someone like me a complete amateur. Respect.



Very much how I feel.


An 80% build is on my todo list… eventually…

Too many fun guns to get!


Hmmmm, I should of been paying closer attention to some of these threads.


She has some mad skills. It’s crazy when she wants to cut something like her slide rails… she just makes the tool and then cuts.

Buy an extractor for $10… nope she turns on on a lathe and then cuts it out.


That would be building it from scratch. Props to her.