80PercentArms is here . .


Hey everyone. 80 Percent Arms has been invited. We are manufacturers of 80% Lowers, Uppers, Jigs and more. We are the patent-holders for the first Easy Jig. We are proud to be part of the Full30 Family and hope to get a few videos up to share with you all.


Welcome to the family. Was just looking over your site, and very impressive. I’ve tried a lot of jigs but never the router style. Would love to work with you and help promote your site and products if you’re interested. We kind of do ARs a bit, just a bit.


Welcome @80PercentArms! We’re 100%happy Your here! Looking forward to your videos


I love the fact they sell 0% lowers on their site.


But are you100% sure they sell 0%lowers on their 80% site?:joy:


Statistics say I’m 124% sure.


Simple enough!


If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times… don’t exaggerate!


Yeah, im starting to question that! How can you be 124%sure that you’re 100%correct about them selling 0% lowers on their 80% site?



Welcome !!!



Welcome to the forums! We’re super happy to have ya here!


Now you done broke my thinker thing.


I’m 99% apologetic!


I think @LonewolfMcQuade gave you the key.
It’s all in the math.


Now that we’ve all said hello, it’s time for @80PercentArms to get their channel on Full30 so we can follow.

Subscribe to our Full30 channel: https://www.full30.com/channels/tacticalreviews


Welcome! Big fan of your products, very nice and have been a customer for several years. Glad you made it over here.


Hello and welcome to the forum.


Thanks! Happy to be here. Videos coming soon. So far, just a couple but working on launching a brand new Easy Jig GEN 2 video. Gonna be really helpful!

Thanks again!