85 assault weapons certified in Boulder as ban compliance date looms



How in the F is this even legal? If they keep no records how are they to know?
Because they are keeping records.
I would fricken move. What BULLSHITTO


CO is such an awesome place but suffers from the same bullshit as CA, OR and WA. Red everywhere but the major voting city populouses. What a damn shame.


Certification is not a registry.

We have taken a common-sense, reasonable approach.


Lol. Right. It’s not, not a tiger.


I wonder what would happen if you went to register your assault weapon and dropped you pants and a ft. long member flopped out ?


Why is it OK to have a tax on the right to bear arms but it is not ok to have a tax on voting? The tax will disproportionately affect poor people from being able to own a means to protect themselves.


This is true, but to the left, the right to bear arms isn’t a right.


Bush v. Gore in 2000 (the lawsuit) proved that voting in a national election is not a right.


sounds a lot like a tax that infringes on the 2ndA - get a cert (tax) or your legally owned firearm becomes illegal on such and such date, of which you the owner can be fines and have your legally owned property seized and destroyed if convicted of boy buying this cert (tax).


They are pretty sure That won’t happen . Remember they think we buy these gun to compensate for our short comings .:grin:


I’m pretty sure a woman was raped would consider it an Assault Weapon…lol…


If they were California transplants it would be a dream come true.:stuck_out_tongue:


I do. I have to sleep sometime and I am not bullet-proof. I also can’t outrun a deer or rabbit. So I need a tool to level the odds.