911 9mm! Pistol suggestions please!


I’ve always been a 1911 45acp guy.that being said, I’ve had little experience or trigger time with 9mm polymers. Was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions for a quality, reliable high capacity 9mm handgun. I have very large hands so compacts are mostly out of the question. Thanks…,


1911 9x19 ! fantastic shooter. Best “Money:Quality” would be Dan Wesson Specialist


CZ SP-01 is a great pistol, and the SP-01 Phantom is one of my favorites, the polymer version. Backstraps are available for the Phantom to adjust for larger hands.


Look no further, you my friend, are looking for the Wilson EDC X9.


I used to carry a 1911, for years. When I decided to get serious about self-defense, I wanted reliability to be my top priority. I went with a Glock 30. Recently I’ve been carrying a CZ P10c, but I ran a few thousand rounds through it first. From the information I have, the vast majority of firearm instructors carry striker fired pistols and most of those carry Glocks. Must be a good reason for that. I like my Gold Cup but it’s just a range gun for me now.
My opinion, only. Not looking for a fight. :):slightly_smiling_face:


I was under the impression you wanted a 1911 type platfotm, so here’s a follow up suggestion: IWI Jericho 941 F9. Upgraded with Meprolight Tru-Dot sights, Hogue finger grooved grip, Surefirefire X300-A Ultra and Mec-Gar CZ75B 19-round mags (they are compatible). Blade-Tech can mold you a holster w/ Tek-Lok specific to that setup.


I was leaning polymers for capacity purposes, however, the wilson edc you mentioned seems to solve that concern. The Jericho you also mentioned strongly peaked my interests as well…


Thank you all for quality input! Much appreciated. Now I have some good ideas in which direction to go for something I’m going to entrust my life with.


Nothing wrong with the P-10C - I carry the White Nitride version myself, great sidearm. Is the grip too small for you? Did you try the large back strap?


Lol. The topic heading is “911 9mm!”. I interpreted that as 9-1-1, as in emergency!
I guess the OP meant “1911 9mm!”


I was under that same impression, hence my mentioning the Wilson EDC X9.


Lol, it was meant as emergency. I had no clue where to start…


Most “911” carry Glock, Springfield or S&W. Some SIG Sauer.


The wilson etc looks to be a great choice.


It sure does! He asked for high capacity though, so I suggested the Jericho. 15+1 isn’t exactly high capacity these days. Jericho holds 19+1 and at a far lower price point.


the Jericho sounds very promising as well. As I stated in my initial post I wasn’t very knowledgeable on what was a reliable good high capacity 9mm. I’ve seen plenty of advertising for the Canik and other such pistols that I did not feel where a great quality gun. I’ve never owned anything in a 9mm


IWI is a solid brand, you can trust anything made or designed in Israel.


Lol. OK. I had to Google Wilson edc x9. Ouch! $2,900 base price. Now I REALLY have to recommend a Glock 19 or 17.Dependable, accurate plus, big variety of holsters, sights, lights etc. More money left over for ammo.


I agree, I’ve had the Tavor bullpup for about five/ six years now, it’s been flawless.


that’s a really nice piece there!