911 9mm! Pistol suggestions please!


Get the F9 and never look back. I prefer all steel hand guns for reasons of stability (which relates to accuracy) and durability.


Something to think about is spare magazines and parts. That is why I would stay with firearms made here or supported by a major company.


Exactly. Logistics is key. Manufacturer support, after market, product longevity etc is what makes or breaks a gun. IWI is superior to far smaller operations such as Lionheart Industries, Walther etc. Guns like the Jericho, P226, Glock, 1911 etc will always be there. As much as I would like to support small, obscure outfits, I just don’t. For example when DDI came along everyone thought they were destined to become the new benchmark on the domestic AK market and look how that ended. Companies like FN, IWI, PWS, LWRC, HK, SIG Sauer, Beretta etc are major household names with enough long-term sustainability capital to stay in business and will always be there. Lionheart Industries isn’t making a dime at the moment and will be gone within 5 years at best from now as they’ve been sold out for months now. No business will survive without any revenue. Empty shelves simply don’t sell.


I usually buy parts kits & at least 6 xtra mags anytime I purchase a new gun. Just in case…


I’m sorry are you looking for a 1911 9mm or were you just saying you are not used to Poly-guns but they are a consideration?


Little experience with polymers, definitely considering!


Back in the late 80s I knew a guy who carried a .357 Mag DE, in a shoulder holster. He was of such a size that it worked, quite well.


Glock 19 at my house with model 17 mags and polymer finger


What do you guys think would be an effective, reliable 9mm defensive round? (Brand &weight)


The huge advantage in the Poly guns is weight and comfort. Especially if you have a situation where you carry IWB. Not having a hammer slicing into your flesh or poking you when carrying all day long is a big thing.


I’ve seen 1000 rounds of federal hydra shock for $$600, & federal hi- shock for half that at $$300 per 1000. Quite a price difference! But if it’s not an effective round, I’ve saved nothing if I’m dead.,… Thanks for the info


Speer LE 124 or 147gr GDHP

I also do second 58marine’s comment.


question - what is the polymer finger spacer?


For the money, it is nearly impossible to beat the Walther Creed 9 mm. For less than $400 USD, you get 16+1 capacity, full grip, 4 inch barrel, easy takedown and reassembly, and extremely easy to shoot accurately, as well as highly reliable.

But, no, it is not in 1911 format.


58marine, et al:

From what I gathered, Paul Harrell was not that impressed the HST bullets. However, if you check out ShootingtheBull410, he absolutely loved the HST line of bullets. Why the difference? Maybe because ShootingtheBull410 was testing using ballistic gelatin and a short barrel (just over 3 inches). The HST line was very consistent in mushrooming as desired, as well as penetrating in the 12 to 18 inch depths (as desired).

Also, Paul Harrell focuses on value more than ShootingtheBull410. Paul’s goal seemed to be to show you that your normal over the counter hollowpoints perform (generally) as well as the fancy, 20 or 25 rounds per box, high price ones.


I have a 2nd Gen Glock 19 and a CZ-85 Combat for my 9mms and both have worked very well even with the extremely high round counts I’ve fired through both. The Glock has had about 50k rounds through it and the CZ-85 has had over 100k rounds. I have had minor breakages with both pistols but nothing that wouldn’t be expected with heavy use and nothing difficult to fix at home. As far as carry I have to echo what RSjr said. The poly gun is lighter and my preferred carry gun of the two because I don’t have the hammer poking me in the side if I move wrong.


Xgrip, slides on stays put but remove able.


Sorry it took so long, I got some Xgrip spacers, they slid on and stay in place but are totally remove able. Xgrips.com


Sexy pistol, Dan Wessons and Les Bears are the nicest non custom 1911s,imo.


I’ve been interested in the Walther Creed for a while now. I got a chance to try one out at a local gun shop, I was very impressed by the DAO trigger and the grip felt good. I don’t really know if it would be enough for me to switch from my Sigs though. Still, glad to see its getting some love, and I’ll keep it in the back of my mind if I’m ever looking for another carry gun.