911 9mm! Pistol suggestions please!


When I bought my Creed, I was looking for a handgun that could be shot very accurately for home defense, and yet still had enough punch to do the job. Creed won on all accounts. I still can’t believe how inexpensive it is (and yet, well built).

For under $400, it is very hard to go wrong with a Creed.


Also prefer the Federal HST, but I use 147gr pills (+p or not, doesn’t matter). A good resource for best performing ammo in virtually all serious calibers is the Lucky Gunner testing.



Top three I own and prefer and all shoot fabulous:
Glock 17 generation 4
CZ P07
CZ 75B
like i said…all shoot well…all use either 17 or 17 plus two magazines…The Mecgar CZ 75 mags work well in both CZ’s I listed and I have a 19 round magazine for the CZ’s so I’d say that’s what you call high capacity.


UNDERWOOD XTREME DEFENDER +P+ for me…watch militaryarms channel on here or Youtube and watch Mac’s video on that specific round.


Mecgar makes the mags for CZ I was told. I found 4 for 80-90 on GB
Flawless mags in our 75b
Highly reccomended


Mecgar is the jam for hard to find CZ mags. +1. They run great in my pre b.


BUL Government


BUL StreetComp