94 degrees below zero

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A critical hurdle for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine? Keeping it at 94 degrees below zero.

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A critical hurdle for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine…

Early data showing Pfizer 's coronavirus vaccine candidate is more than 90% effective turned a lot of heads this week, but experts say the drugmaker faces a number of obstacles in getting its vaccine to the public.

The first hurdle: FDA authorization and manufacturing

Pfizer has said it intends to seek an emergency use authorization from FDA within the next week, once it has a total of two months of safety data. That puts the vaccine on track to be authorized by FDA as early as December, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Once the vaccine is authorized, Pfizer will need to produce massive quantities of the drug. Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO, said that, by the end of the year, the company will have enough doses for 25 million people.

In 2021, Pfizer said it will produce enough of the vaccine for 630 million people and will continue to increase production later in the year with a goal of producing 1.3 billion doses total. Bourla said that some priority groups, such as first responders, would potentially be able to walk into a pharmacy and receive the vaccine by the middle of 2021.

Even so, it will take time before enough of the population receives the vaccine that herd immunity is reached, experts say. Roy Anderson, an epidemiologist and professor at Imperial College London , said that assuming the vaccine maintains its 90% effectiveness, at least 75% of the population will need to receive the shot to reach herd immunity.

“We’re realistically talking about the middle of next year before there is any significant uptake,” Martin McKee, professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine , said.

The second hurdle: Distribution

If the Pfizer gets FDA’s OK for the drug and meets its own manufacturing goals, the drugmaker will then need to ensure it can be distributed—and the company has already thought through major aspects of this process.

The vaccine will be manufactured in Kalamazoo, Michigan, before it’s shipped out to the rest of the United States.

For shipment and storage, the company has created thermal containers to safely transport the vaccines, which must be stored at a temperature of 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, NBC News reports. The vaccines will be packaged beneath dry ice and will be shipped via air to large distribution hubs nationwide. From there, the vaccines will be sent via ground transport to dosing locations, which could include “hospitals, outpatient clinics, community vaccination locations, and pharmacies,” according to Kim Bencker, a spokesperson for Pfizer.

Each shipment of the vaccine will have a GPS-tracked thermal sensor to monitor both the temperature and location of the vaccine, which Pfizer said will “proactively” prevent “deviations,” such as accidents or theft.

After the vaccine is delivered, the company has said doses can be stored for up to six months in ultra-low temperature freezers, up to five days in a refrigeration unit, or up to 15 days in their original packaging with new dry ice, NBC News reports.

Experts say the logistics of transporting and storing the vaccine at such low temperatures will present a significant challenge.

“The cold chain is going to be one of the most challenging aspects of delivery of this vaccination,” Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security , said. “This will be a challenge in all settings because hospitals even in big cities do not have storage facilities for a vaccine at that ultra-low temperature.”

That includes the Mayo Clinic , one of the biggest hospitals in the United States, which does not currently have the ability to store the vaccine at extremely low temperatures, Reuters reports.

“We’re talking about a vaccine that needs storage at minus 70 or 80 [degrees Fahrenheit]. That’s a tremendous logistical issue not only in the U.S. but outside the Western world,” Gregory Poland, a virologist and vaccine researcher at the Clinic, said. “We’re a major medical center and we don’t have storage capacity like this. That will be true for everybody. This is a logistical obstacle.”

It will especially be an obstacle for rural health care facilities, Claire Hannan, executive director at the Association of Immunization Managers , said.

“If Pfizer’s is the only vaccine to be authorized in the next few months, we do worry about equity when it comes to spreading it to rural areas,” she said.

Onisis Stefas, chief pharmacy officer for Northwell Health , said the health system is expanding its ultra-cold storage capacity to smoothly distribute the vaccine once it’s approved.

“I think it will be difficult, but based on the task and how important it is, people will do the best to their ability to make that happen,” Stefas said (Popken, NBC News, 11/9; Colchester/Hinshaw, Wall Street Journal , 11/10; O’Donnell, Reuters , 11/9).


Yeah, No! I don’t need anymore ice in my veins. Unfortunately, there’s fools out there willing to get STUCK without a clue of its ingredients or what effect on their health it may have short & long term.
As a sign of leadership & good faith, let our noble fearless House & Senate officials be the 1st.


I heard there were two vaccines and one was described like this, I thought it was BS
as who would come up with such a scheme?


I was told they are dead cultures which was part of the need for the temp, IDK, still sounds like BS, and the other vaccine?



these hack fu@%s still can’t get the regular flu shot right. Wrong strain, very low success rate of effectiveness. It’s a full load of B.S.! They can’t even treat the common cold after all these years . This WU-FLU , as are all the common carona derived flu viruses which have been present here for many years, are destroyed by simple soap & water. Not a silly shot, nor a paper mask are going to provide protection.


Very interesting point, Lonewolf. I did some googling and found this:

Hopefully that article is on point and we can eventually beat this.


I feel if it were a natural occurring virus, mankind will adapt & build up some sort of immunity over time, maybe. However, if this virus is one which has been manipulated my man, scientists, there may be no solution. Was it manipulated in a manner to be resistant to treatments (weaponized) ? Who knows for sure. Someone somewhere had a huge hand in this virus in my personal opinion for it to spread WORLDWIDE in mere month(s).


A new strain was reported both in the UK and South Africa. Will the shot work for those as well if the report is to be believed? No one knows.

I’m going to repeat what I heard without understanding any of it… The Phizer works by attacking the “spike” protein in our bodies. It has the potential side effect of resulting in female sterilization.

I’m not female and don’t plan on wanting any kids at my age even if some nubile young thing wanted me to father her children, but I’m still not taking the shot. I’m happy for the talking heads on TV who think it’s wonderful, trying to persuade all of us to take it. I’m not moved.

I learned decades ago that a starving man doesn’t need to see an advert’ for bread to know he has to eat. The only things that need to be advertised are things we don’t really need. If I trusted the talking heads more, and that’s another way of saying if they lied to us a great deal less, I might trust them more, but I don’t. The fact is that they lie to us every day, but now they’re telling the truth? Really?

Oh, and the Moderna version rewrites our DNA (so I heard). Yeah, I’ll get in line for that!


Interesting. What is your source of information? Please share.


Like we did with polio?




Even if I die, I WILL NOT COMPLY!


You play polo? Horseback or water?

Time necessary for a vaccine


Was Polio a 98% or higher survival & full recovery rate without a vaccine as is with the Chinese created flu?


Actually we always had an immunity to polio. The problem was detergent and clean white…

After WW2 detergent was available and housewives saw it as their job (through advertising) to keep Little Johnny super clean and free and away from germs. Enter polio. In previous generations LJ was able to get dirty and contact with feces was inevitable in the soil, wherever. So after obtaining moms immunity at birth LJ was supposed to contact polio during that period and develop his own immunity. But the cycle was broken and mom did it in the desire for clean and germ free everything. The next time LJ contacted polio he had no immunity and we all know the rest of the story.


I can’t. It’s not that I won’t, I just can’t. I have so many sources and I’ve been at information overload for years. I just don’t remember where I ran across it. But just this week I discussed it with one of my Drs and she knew all about it and confirmed it. So at least some folks in the medical establishment know about it.


The only vaccine we need, we already have.
The vaccine for communism. Most here already pocess the necessary dosages ranging from 55gr. & up.


Brought to you by:

United States Public Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And look, they’re here to help again

and the best for last


But other than that, it’s a swell idea pa


See Thalidomide… :spook:


Death by a Thailand hooker?