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I’m Tom. I like long walks on the beach, great sunsets, lots of ammo, and great gatherings with friends. I dabble in the 308-sized platform on occasion (MEDIUM-FRAME AR - because there’s a larger one now), and the small-frame is now child’s play, in any caliber.

I was brought here through the infectuous nature of Rob@Full30, and his persistent invasion of the 308 board… :rofl: Love ya, man… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome @98Z
Great to have you here at Full 30!!!


DAMN! That was fast!.. Thanks, man…

Here’s what I’m talking about with the “gathering of friends” kinda stuff - this just went down 1.5 weeks ago, in the AZ Desert - this was the .308AR.com Fall Shoot 2018. Click it, check it - we do it right. 4-Day event, plus a day on either side for arrival/prep, and departure/drives to the airport. It gets bigger and better every year,with more and more. You can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it… 'Merica!!!


There’s another AR size? I thought the PCC ARs where the small frame…


what’s with all the AR308 guys and walks on the beach?

oh and BTW welcome


We like long walks on the beach, the calm silence before the fury (it’s soothing) and pants-down hugs. Brace yourselves. Just lay back and let it happen… :laughing:

Rob@Full30 kinda took us over, over there, a few months ago - and it’s payback time… He has no idea what’s in store - but he ditched us on this last Fall Shoot. Full invite, lodging provided - in someone’s camper - everything. Food provided, weapon of choice, in caliber of choice, and plenty of ammo - just show up. I would have chipped in $20 on gas, too…

Who does that?.. :rofl:


The .308 used to be the “large” format AR… then I screwed the whole thing up by making a long action .338 Lapua Magnum AR.


Welcome to the full30 forums.

For the record, people that say stuff like that about the AR15 are usually over compensating for something else :laughing: …seriously though ,welcome.


Welcome to the forum. That looked like a great shoot!!




@98Z on board,



Welcome Tom


Welcome to the forum Brother!




Welcome to Full30 forum @98Z Good to have you here. Wait, what does that make my .50bmg AR?

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Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here. Sounds like good time!


Welxome to full30!


A 50BMG AR? Will it feed 50 through the mag well? I can put a crossbow on an AR15…hell, I could put Nancy Pelosi on the cover of Playboy…that don’t make her a playmate.


The mag well is on the side of the receiver.