9mm PCC build


The 9mm PCC has become very popular in competition shooting. It’s a AR15 platform shooting a 9mm handgun round with next to no recoil. The accuracy and return to target time is second to non. My son may not be fast, he has just started, but 90% of all his shots are to the face. He thinks it’s funny so he keeps doing it. If you’re looking to get in to USPSA or other styles in the PCC class, you need to check this video out. I put a link to all companies that are involved in this build in the description along with what was provided.

9mm PCC class

The recent addition of the pistol caliber carbine to most of the popular types of matches serves both new and older competitors.
Ar carbines in 9mm are probably the most popular, but there are others.
The Ruger PCP and High Point 9mm carbines are also available, along with the out of production Marlin camp carbines in 9mm and .45acp.
The category had a slow start, but it’s rapidly growing.
If anyone is interested in taking part in the organized matches but find their pistol craft is lacking, take a look at PCC.


i couldn’t help but notice your son could use a differnt comb and stock configuration of his rifle.
Having to lean so far over his present stock to gain a decent cheek weld is slowing down his acquiring the target.
Just a thought.


IMO, the best part of the AR platform is you only need to get a PCC upper. Everything else is the same. The buffer might be different. Oh ya, and a mag well adapter.


He’s just getting started. He has it in his head that he wants to do head shots. I keep telling him go center of mass, it’s faster. He’ll get there. As for the stock, the MVB stock doesn’t have a cheek weld, but it is something I have suggest to them to clip on to their stock. The main point of the build is to test the equipment and find improvements.


The cost of all that would get you a .45 or 10mm Hi-Point with monies left over. :cowboy_hat_face: Just sayin’.


I agree, and HiPoint does make some nice carbines.


They do. I love my 9mm to death.


I hate their handguns. Not because they’re unreliable. I have shot one, it went bang every time, hit the target, didn’t jam. I just hate the way they look, I can’t stand it. To me the grip looks like someone took a stiff dog turd and molded it in to a grip.

This year I saw several PCCs running in competition, last year, only a few, the year before, not a single one. I believe next year is going to see a huge increase in PCCs. The AR15 platform has kind of reached its limit, not much more can be changed. But jumping in to the pistol caliber class opens up a lot of options. I would love to get a 10" 9mm with a welded suppressor on it. Talk about a great home defense option.