9mm PCC class



PCC class eh? Perhaps I should get better and enter with my Hi-Point. :wink:


Now that I have a PCC, i’d love to run it hard. Do PCC shoots just replace the rifle with a PCC? I’m a bit unclear on how it works.


USPSA has a PCC class that runs with their handgun matches. We have several people locally here that run both handgun and PCC on the same night.

A few rules are different. Weapon must be cased until time to shoot. Best to have a partner hold the case while you remove the weapon. Load up and weapon starts at low and ready. At end of round weapon returns to case and is closed. Also must have chamber flag while in case. Other than that, PCC is run the same as handgun using same targets. Generally, I see PCC run faster, and with higher scores.

Only down side, and it’s not a big deal. Is moving. You can’t pull the weapon back as far as a handgun. Pointing it down you need to watch the 180 and your feet. I told my son, never go lower than 45 degrees, and never go higher that perhaps 10 degrees. There’s no reason too, and not only is it unsafe, it’s wasted motion.


Never go lower than 45? Man, that safety circle/safety carry is going to be REAL hard to un-learn. Is there a reason for the case rule? it seems a little bit strange, I thought being able to sling them like rifles or at least cart/bag them would be alright, but I guess not.


No muzzle can break 180. Slinging the weapon would allow that to happen. During multi gun comp when a weapon is dropped, it is put in to a barrel.


Right, I read your last comment as “PCCs have to be hard-cased between stages”.