9mm stepped cases


Does anyone reload these or do you just toss them in the scrapper?


Didn’t even know they existed, whats the history/reason?


It appears those are designed for a particular style bullet.
For any other bullet, it would be unreloadable.
Looks like more trouble than it’s worth.
Maxxtech makes them ostensibly to prevent bullet set back.


Once again I had to :mag: :open_book:



I see them come though frequently, and have heard a lot both ways on them. Appears to provide a reinforcement for the case, but it only takes a limited number of bullets due to the depth. Heard a number of customers say they don’t like them as a lot of the cases crack where the step is. Heard others say they had no issues with them. I’m inclined to start scrapping them, but I’m afraid I am going to find a lot of them.

Robert, that is a good article you found on set back.


This is an “ i know a guy, who knows a guy” comment so take it with as many salt grains as necessary.
Years ago I had a friend that had a friend that claimed after firing, most of the case ejected but a ring of brass remained in the chamber. The case had completely split at the step.
I’ve never heard that again but I’ve also never seen a case like that. I question the story but does seem it would weaken there eventually.


Yeah the heat differential maybe during the expansion and contraction of the case during firing.


Makes sense, think I’m going to to look at removing those during the sorting process. Thanks guys!


I scrap them, internal case capacity is also different so you have to adjust for it with your powder load…