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What did you question?

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No plane into the pentagon?
And a nuclear explosion inside the twin towers…

I believe there is footage of the plane in the pentagon
Hiw do you explain away Flight 77 american airlines and 64 on board dying and 125 inside the building.

The twin towers was indeed dropped by a plane it as the building Jenga’ed in on itself.
If it was a nuclear explosion then the entire area for miles and miles around could not be entered for the next 40 yrs. As it takes that long for radiation to dissipate to the point humans can enter at safe levels


Ahh, 911 questions, those deserve they’re own topic but I’d rather not, it is the crème de la crème of divisive topics IMO, more than religion or sexual persuasion.

I actually missed the nuclear explosion part, had never heard of such a theory, can’t see where or how such a claim could be made, do you recall the exact statement or context in which it was made, or can you provide a time (10:53 etc) in the video?


:50-01:11 near the end of the video if you go to nino’s channel you can fast forward the video . I watched it in its entirety . I pick up in little things like that. He also made the statement that he was driving by there later that day a giant tarp was over the struck area of the pentagon.


ok, phew, you freaked me out a bit, a “nuclear event on the inside” is a phrase to describe the extent of how large of an inside job it was, actually quite like the scope of the people involved to pull of the fight club movie plot where they blow up key buildings to destroy the debt and kick off operation mayhem, a movie script from 1999

In the basement,
you’re gonna find some bathtubs

that have been used very recently
to make large quantities of nitroglycerin.

I believe the plan is to blow up

the headquarters
of these credit card companies

and the TRW building.

Why these buildings?
Why credit card companies?

If you erase the debt record,
then we all go back to zero.

You’ll create total chaos.

Everyone was involved in that plot, a nuclear event that kicked off the Patriot ACT

Yes, that is first hand testimony, something we’re lacking otherwise.

I’d of guessed you would pick up on the Church leaders comment he made just a minute before, which is pretty powerful in itself.

Great job though watching and discerning :+1: IMO we’re sorely lacking that type of involvement and discussion.


I see what you are meaning your saying he was using hyperbole. Okay I was taking much of what he said from a literal stand point . Yes, church leaders must stand firm on what they know to be true and right . :white_check_mark: yes I did catch it and agreed heavily.


P.S. an hour + long video is hard to watch …lol lack of attention span perhaps or just taking time one of the 2


Oh I know, I typically close out in just a minute or so, I hate long self embellishing introductions and fluff, this one sold me easily in the first 60 seconds, I have since watched another he had done, an older one, and may well watch more.

Psyop fits my interests, consider this message and the source

its historically applied, false flags

So a first hand account, interests me


Yep, now I even said that we should not interfer with Putin and Ukraine… there is much more going on in Ukraine if they are dealing with the Biden Crime family.
We are literally involved in that war to protect the Bidens money interest or to cover up the tracks if how they got all their money. Seen a poll that said 88% of the Russian people backed Vladimir Putins move to take back the lost territory of Russia .
The only thing our involvement is doing is aggravating the whole situation and we need to get out.



So, let’s say we exit the Russia/Ukraine war - then what happens?

I am guessing Russia would finally win. But, what would happen to the Bi den gang? I guess that depends on who wins the White House for 2024. But, other than that, would life normalize? What would Russia do to the USA for supporting Ukraine so long?

Starting to look like there are no (real) good endings to this.


Good question John, but its not important, not part of the goal, which is to topple nations, watch or rather listen to the video, the reason why Russia chose to invade Ukraine,

Russia was between a rock and a hard place, consider this, Ukraine was long protected by the US, Russia understood there was no winning this play, but they were forced to make it, why?

Read for yourself, look at the dates


Look at the methods and look at the players, who was Biden in 2014?

Now, again, watch/listen to the video, its important to understand

The goal is WWIII

ordo ab chao


We are the biggest interfering nation in the world . Why ? We consider ourselves the beacon of freedom.
Sometimes it works against us.
We stopped the japanese from conquering China in the early 19th century and now we are paying for it because China is now a huge meglamaniac country .
Had we left that alone eve though the Japenese was slaughtering the Chinese we wouldnt be in the shape we are today with China .
By us messing in this Ukraine war we are helping protect Bidens money and we are causing a HUGE upheaval in that regiaon a huge riff between us and all of Europe. And blowing up tne nordstream pipeline by someone …
Probably Biden is causing Europe to go into a energy crisis.
In my opinion we may see all of Europe unite in the opposite direction they are now against us.


I highly agree with your post.


Everything is going according to plan. Standby… :scream: :skull: :ghost: :innocent:


Seems you called it twice

Appears project mayhem did


Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes. Of all the so-called natural human rights that have ever been invented, liberty is least likely to be cheap and is never free of cost. - Robert A. Heinlein


Lets go for three, No?




Hope I am wrong…


I dont think you are . You said it yourself…remember
There are no more conspiracies only truths …!!