A drone flyover of our land.

A drone flyover of our land. So many trees, and so much grass, takes two days to cut it all.

It’s nice reaching our goal and allowing us to expand the business.


Beautiful place. How many acres?


I watched it through and it looks nice, the drone looks fun, but my favorite thing of all was certainly your hat :grin:

No sound on the drone camera?


We have 3.34 acres plus about another 2.5 acres on top of the hill that the farmer to our west said I can use because it’s useless to him because it’s on top of a very steep cliff. I’m planning to either get a steer or a bison calf to raise for meat and it will be kept in that area.


No sound. I tried it but all you can hear is the drone blades screaming.

When you have no hair on top of your head, you need a good hat. This one protects my ears, neck, and face as well. Burning the top of your head is the worst kind of pain. You feel it right into your brain stem.