🤤 a few drooling faces here I bet



Nice, but a $1 kitchen knife from good will cuts too. Only thing I wish, is that I had enough money to buy something like that and not care about the cost.



you would have to be truly rich to get to that level where you don’t care about the cost.


That looks really cool.
The cringe part of it is The tungsten carbide blade. Extremely strong but can chip/ crack very very easy.
I still want one!


Interesting blade material for sure.


Yeah even the article states the brittleness of it. Interesting to see how the Sandrin coating will help with the brittleness.
Here is a tungsten Carbide end mill coated with aluminium titanium nitride that broke on me.

And here are some others
You can even get tungsten Carbide with diamond coatings!
I have chipped those as well.

Just a quick word of caution to any one that plays with carbide. Do not grind on it with a dry wheel. The dust from tungsten carbide is toxic. Use a wet stone or a wet wheel like this if you want to mess with carbide!


Pfffttt…A knife made out of meteorite would be cooler.


Funny you should mention it…


Now, how many kidneys do I have to sell…