A few years back


So just posted a video in the Full30 Forum Community channel.
Nothing clever to learn here nor any great insights. Just something from a few years back when a number of us from work went out to the desert to have some fun with things that go boom.


Wait… that didn’t post correctly. I’ll get it right in a min.



all good now

go’s to channel not video, Mark you retry to post, in a private window it works for me


Pardon my ignorance but… what?


this is the channel link


this is the video


When I post the video link in a private window it works, go’s to the video

but here it go’s to the channel

I have so many open windows it may be related to MY PC


Ahso desu ka.


uk, you better get that looked at

try and repost the video


Retrying the widow link.
PS. Need sound on to appreciate this. It’s crap otherwise.


LOL, good stuff, what was on the target @ 2.56?



Ya know. I don’t recall. One of the other guys brought it. Think either zombie or terrorist kind of thing.


I set your video as the channel preview, was pretty good :+1:


All explosives mixed on site by @EQuinn.
That’s also her laugh at the very end. Still makes me chuckle.
Just made that for the guys at work and was hoping we could get the group to grow.

Things change however and I’ve lost contact with several of them since then.
We still shoot out there but mostly now with family and there’s a number of kids. So way more organized and safe now with not so much personal shooting time.


This isn’t gun related but an interesting experience we had that I happened to be recording. Didn’t know where to put it so I’ll just stick it here.


eww…IDK…the OP might get upset…better text him for permission :yum:

I’ve driven in white outs during stow storms/blizzards but never had to worry my air cleaner would be choked out…yeash thats ugly


And I’m not high lighting anything this time :no_mouth: