A good pistol platform for 10mm

I would like to purchase a 10mm, and am looking for a bit of help in deciding which platform is the best for the money. I’ve got about a $600-$700 limit. Any help would be much appreciated.

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That would be a Glock 20.


You might look into a Rock Island 1911 Tactical in 10mm.


If you’d prefer a Striker Fired handgun, then I’d agree on the Glock 20 or 29.

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I had a Glock 20 3rd gen that was unstoppable. At some point I read that you could safely fire .40 cal without changing anything on the pistol. Well, had to try that. So, to make a short story…yes, the pistol was as reliable with .40 as with 10mm. I know there are those who would criticize this but I saw it as a great shtf benefit.
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I like .40 S&W. 9mm is good nowadays but doesn’t nearly cause the same amount of damage. Bigger wounds make the target bleed out faster… 9 generally is a flatter shooter though. I prefer 9 mostly due to larger capacity as less reloads is more time in the fight. Anyways, different strokes for different folks.

Obviously a 10mm hi point makes the most sense.

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The RIA 1911 would be my choice but if you’re a plastic gun guy then the G20 should be good enough since all other recommendations are expensive. :slight_smile: