A "Gun Violence Memorial" is memorializing violent criminals who were shot by lawful self-defenders


Violent criminals are being memorialized because they were killed by lawful self defenders.

Gotta pad those numbers!


Wtf. Jeez, this is just dumb on all levels.


One of the many things the federal government spent tax dollars to teach me is:


But, we live in a world where children aren’t taught to take responsibility for their actions. And that’s how we end up here. I blame, what I refer to as, “Oprah parenting.” At some point, parents started wanting to be their children’s friend instead of being their parent. And, next thing you know, we have SJW’s holding candlelight vigils for violent criminals and eating tide pods. Then, they’re playing in the street and wondering why they get hit by cars. They’ve gone so far now as to somehow, miraculously, get one of their own elected to Congress without knowing the basics of government or how to responsibly manage money when they aren’t living with their parents.