A gun you really want to shoot or own


I’m very new to the fire arms community, I do like a variety Such as revolvers and other hand guns, 1911, and rifles.I’ve I have shot a muzzleloader before which really put a dent in my shoulder, but I’ve never i’ve never shot a 50 Cal and something I’m interested in shooting. Is there a gun out there that you’re just itching to shoot or own, what is it?


Wow… as a gun smith I have handled and shot so many. :joy::thinking:
I have always been fascinated with belt fed weapons. If I had the money, I would build me a M-60 just because I can.
In reality though, I am waiting for the IWI TS-12 to be released and I will buy one.
I have always loved bullpups and 12 gauges.
Interesting question though.
Decades ago I wanted more than anything a Ruger No. 1 in 416 Rigby… well, I bought one. Bought a box of ammo… when out to the range and pulled the trigger.
Took it back the next day. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@RogueGunnWorks… I guess being gun Smith has it pros, I honestly have so many on my bucket list. But I guess that’s the point of my journey, my wife and I i’m going to learn a lot. We are planning on taking some courses And hopefully get to learn to shoot some really cool stuff!!..cheers for your thoughts!


500 Black Out & @Robocop1051 has still not put them out for sale,

They look like someone from Lucas Films designed them


Wow, that’s a Nice gun…The bullets on the 300 blackout is expensive isn’t ?



Expensive is just a state of mind, easily overcome with a Visa card :grin:


I hate using the credit card…but I was stupid once with debit. Wouldn’t mind shooting the 300 black out though!!


so you’re aware, I’m talking 500BO, not quite yet on the market, I keep hearing its coming though…

300BO is fun but not shooting a 911gr bullet which is 3rd from the left, thats a .308 cartridge next to it


in prospective,

.308 & 300bo


I have seen a conversion kit for the ar15, run around $350 if I’m not mistaken


Oh wow, I haven’t even heard of this Yet…That’s pretty cool!!


Yeah, 10# rifle, reported as shooting like a .308 :+1:


Robert, let’s make a pact on this one. Who ever gets it first offers the other to come and shoot !!


Consider this that invite :sunglasses:


So is .500 whisper similar to the .500 BO like how the .300 whisper is to .300 BO or is it completely different?


I’ll have to refer to Rob on all the technical jargon, when he starts with that I feel like a cub scout trying to learn the knots, he didn’t design this by accident he’s extremely knowledgeable.

BTW a can tie a proper noose and a fishing lure, thats about it


I can tie a knot too…haha!


Ma Deuce…


I agree, ive talked to him about it on .308AR. I was just curious what the main differences are between the two? Seems like a cool round, eitherway.


for me it would be the lugers - something about old steel and european craftsmanship
p06 swiss
p08 prewar
p08 pre 35
luger american so any of the early trials
and the modern from lugeerman
and the list goes on


I also like metal frame too, something about the 1911’s…definitely will be growing my collection…I never shot a Luger before but I wouldn’t mind to!!