A List of Upcoming 2019 Run and Gun Shooting Competitions!


A Run and Gun shooting competition is a 2 gun competition with a 3-5ish mile course to run, hike, or crawl. The catch is, you gotta carry all of your gear, ammo, water, and anything else you want. They are extremely addicting and really push your shooting skills to their limits.

If you want to know more about run and guns, here’s a write up (with video) of a 2016 event. (I have more recent videos of better shooting… but haven’t gotten around to doing another write up yet) If you’re curious about what gear is needed, here’s a write up of run and gun gear.

Run and gun competitions are spreading across the US, so they’re in Texas, Kentucky, Florida, the Carolinas, Texas/Arkansas border, Colorado, and I’m sure even more will pop up over 2019. Texas is even hosting a series for 2019 where the top 40 competitors will get invited to a championship run and gun at the Lone Star Armory training facility.

Here are two upcoming events here in Central Texas:

March 16th or 17th in Central Texas, the 2019 Lone Star Armory Run and Gun Series Opener - Facebook link to event info - Eventbrite link to register

April 13th or 14th in Waco Texas, the WTF Biathlon which is a 5 mile run on Saturday OR a 3 mile run on Sunday - Facebook event page - Official website - Registration opens on January 8th, this is an event that fills up quickly

There are plenty more events on the calendar throughout the year all across the US, mostly central and eastern US (Sorry California!)

Check out our calendar for more events and follow us on Facebook to be notified of more events, run and gun related news, and other fun stuff!

I’m very happy to answer additional questions about run and guns if anyone is curious about this growing competition format.


Thanks for the list and thanks for putting my match on there!


I did my first one this past October. Lots of fun and very addicting!


Do they allow atvs and dirt bikes?
Don’t forget the stand by medical staff.


Gotta traverse it on your own two feet!

We always have medical professionals and equipment on location.


You don’t have to run it. I jogged through most of my 10K. A lot of folks walk it, too.


Most people walk most of the event.

I don’t run the entire thing anymore


51, type 1 diabetic, carry a FAL.
That’s enough glutton for punishment I usually walk any hills steeper than 10 degrees or so.

All time spent in contest is triumphant.


Going to compete in my first one at the end of march. I am using surplus gear to start with, any hints, tips would be great.


Do it for you and you only


Yes sir, I know there will be folks out there A LOT faster and better shots than me, and as this will be my first one it will be the base line to measure my improvement. I know how to fire a pistol/rifle but I want to learn how to fire a pistol/rifle effectively for my self.


I’ve got about 6 planned for 2019.


any near Arkansas, Texas


This will be my first one.


I’ve got some tips on this article and video I threw together.

And here’s another article written by an experienced run and gun competitor


Read them both, that’s how I found this forum. Great info…


I have swapped a lot of gear out since starting running in these and the only piece of gear I would never run without is my TAB sling (regular).


I know a few people who swear by the biathlon slings, but I would never run with one. I stick to the two point sling and keep the rifle up front on my chest. The key is to keep it tight, and then the sling aids in shooting the stages.

This will probably be like the hammer fired vs striker fired debate. To each their own and no one is right or wrong.


I agree Brian. I don’t like the so-called Biathlon slings either. I run a VTAC 2 pt. bungee sling and run with it in front of me cinched down.

I guess the soldier in me won’t allow me to sling it across my back, unless I’m going hands on or need both hands for an obstacle. I’ve seen a lot guys fight the biathlon sling in dense woods and getting it off their backs (especially with backpacks, chest rigs and such).


It’s a FAL…it’s heavy.

I ran with it on front at my first RnG in OK. Did OK, but I like it on the back better for the running.