A little AK74 on the work bench

Well it’s been a long time since I posted here. I guess it’s time to give you all a nice follow-up on what I have been up to. I’ve mentioned before and other posts about a Bulgarian 74 parts kit that I had. Half over a year and did nothing with it, I guess I finally pulled the trigger on it and got the project started for the past month I’ve been Gathering extra parts that I need it and getting the build together. It was one hell of a time trying to find parts in this current climate but the job got done.

This is what the parts look like when it was all packaged up for me. A pristine matching parts kit with most of the original internals as well :wink:

So my journey began with getting together tooling and a few friends for some specialized parts. It was Paramount that I enlist the help of my friend AKM Jesus hands for some help with the mill to make sure this Barrel was done properly.

The rest of it came together as you expect from other videos and I will be releasing a video of the entire construction process. There is one thing I must add to this little thread of mines. Since the parts kit was made at a time when it was about war production and get ready for world War 3. Let’s just say some of the metal was a bit soft and certain areas. Particularly the rear trunnion was made with a mild steel that had a tendency to Buck and flex when using a 12-ton press on it the problem was resolved but it took quite a while to bend it back in place when you have one rivet already in.

Using a virgin Barrel from Rguns.com, it was pretty easy to estimate that this was going to be a labor of love and patience when it comes to drawing out the pins and Barrel to get this all to come together. Note to everyone here when doing a parts kit build especially with aK pattern rifles. Make sure your drill bits are not worn out and you used a leveler at all times of the process. It will save you a world of pain and hurt. I have some folks below give you example of that lesson in patience.

Wrapping everything up with the front portion of the rifle being headspace and drilled. It was pretty smooth sailing until we got to the rear section of this project that almost turned into a total disaster. Mind you that using a support block will be key to not have you cursing up a storm and people wondering if you’re fighting someone else. What usually would take about a half an hour to make sure that the rivets are crushed properly and she’s back turned into a 3 hours correcting a issue with metal fatigue and not damaging the receiver more than it needs to be.

As you can see so far I’m on a roll getting this build done. Everything is panning out smoothly and I go for the assembly portion of putting all together. I felt Victorious and relieved. Only to snatch it up and take it to the range and noticed that I could not hit the target. Even at 25 yards I couldn’t have the zero be on point. To my horror and observation I looked over the rifle and noticed that my front post sight was can it so far that I max out the adjustment for it. So I had to take it back to the shop and knockout the old pins and replace them with fresh new pens and drill it as well only moving a small bit forward for the front post sight. This is why I tell you make sure you have a level tool when you put the parts together, them, then at the point when you drill them just make sure you do not have a issue that cannot be corrected.

It worked out nicely and here’s the results of that correction. If you’re wondering where is the before picture I was so frustrated that I didn’t have the time or inclination to do it in the first place. I just want to get this all done and over with as soon as possible.

Here is the final result with that project everything coming together in a few more gray hairs on my beard. I’m still mulling over a few additions that may be added later on like a side rail for a optic. I like iron sights but having optic makes life so much easier. I bring to you to you the Bulgarian 74 :yep:

Also for your viewing pleasure some dolled up photos that I took of it to give it a nice start. I’m probably going to do this rifle and satin black and maybe do some touch-ups on a few other parts but other than that the jobs are well and done and I will have it ready for you in a timely manner this time. Thank you for looking at this thread and I hope you enjoy my content. Leave a comment below on your thoughts or opinions. Let It Be constructive and related to topic as well thank you and stay tuned for more things I may come up with


Very nice, I’ve built an ak47 and 74 and it’s a lot of work!! Now that I’ve done it I won’t be doing it again lol yours looks great!!


I have to say thank you for your great videos you put out on suppressor testing. I end up getting a PBS-1 wolverine and I think the stamp is due soon. keep up the testing and I’ll definitely be waiting for your video’s. :sunglasses:

Also never say never, it will come calling you to do it again :wink: :yep:



Now this I’d like to do :+1:

Whats the investment do you figure?


In terms of the cost of the parts kit or tooling


parts, and can they currently all be obtained?


If you’re looking for a parts kit I can DM you some places to look at. I don’t want to spoil the fun but 47 easier to acquire than ak74 this current time. I bought this kit in the beginning of the year for like $450. The prices on the Skyrocket what type of akm are you looking for? And I’ll DM you from there


I wasn’t, (still not) but this thread makes one look much more appealing and worth considering,

I’ve got to get moving on some builds I’ve been sitting on before getting serious about another and likely will soon, I was waiting for everything to be perfect :rofl:

Time to get past that


you say that now… but it will be waiting for you. soon… :sunglasses: :smiling_imp:


This is fairly impressive and I can’t wait to see it on the range!


I have a wolverine here and mounts for just about everything. We have not had time to do it. Need to get a date for it set and stick to it. We have a ton of cans to catch up on but this year has sucked trying to get everyone to the range.

Its definitely a never. I sold all my builder tools. If someone local done a builders day and I had the spare cash I may try it again but not on my own again! :grin:


You should have sold them to me :sunglasses:


I never really spent much time with the AK platform until recently , I still need to learn about them. Here are a couple I have picked up recently.


Very nice acquisition