A little bit of powder, eh, a little more, eh, a little more


Its not to long, watch to the end


Yeah, that slow motion really showed it :hushed:


lol she shook like ballistics gel in the slow mo


@Robert impressive, Monster Recoil, happy Halloween.


How did that not break her collar bone?!


I would like to see that fixed. It wont disappear and its irritating as hell


Even if you don’t touch the screen for a few seconds?


Not an issue on a PC disappears right away



No it stays either way on my phone


So I just tried it in Safari on my iPhone and the progress line stays on unless I click on the full screen arrow thingy and when it is full screen it goes away.


Which I imagine is better viewing :grin:


no luck anyway i try it. Looks like its time for a new phone. this one has served me well for 3 years tho.


I have respected Mae since she said the k31 was one of her top 5 rifles!


Wow, I want to shoot that.