A lot of firsts


Wife’s first time shooting a handgun, a CZ shadow and a Tokarev TT-33

First time editing and up loading, no clue why there is no sound in the last portion of the video


You know, I’ll be happy to put that on the Full30 community channel if you want. I would just need the file. I personally avoid using YT at all.


1st time on the community channel!



thanks everyone
in future how does one upload to the community?


Did she have fun? She’s holding it wrong. Of course she’s probably a better shot holding it wrong than I am holding it correctly :joy:


she was able to group at 1 1/2" at 10 metres with the tokarev on her second go around and consistently hit the bull with the CZ.
I am not going to tell her how to grip.
and yes she had fun


I think posting here

that you want access but we’ll have to come up with a specific easy to find link


No offense intended.


Actually you can PM Full30Nick and provide your username and email. You’ll get a agreement to sign. After that you can upload yourself to the Forums Community Channel.



Yeah, I’d avoid any criticism! She could take you out @ 100 meters!:joy: