A moment of humor on Full30

I came across something very hilarious I just had to share with you guys. Watch the hilarious civie at 0.20


Looks like he had a pint or so in the pub and a flashback to his days of service. God bless the old geeser.


I seriously couldn’t stop laughing, epic WTF moment. BRILLIANT, hahahahaha. Made my day!

wondering why it be funny.
A commonwealth tradition even in the bad days, and most likely they already have “Freedom of the City” or the right to march through with Colours Flying and Bayonets fixed…
Parading the colours upon the return of a deployment, imagine if US service personal did this when they returned in the states how much the cases of PTSD would be diminished
Who when viewing felt a sense of pride and why most likely the one reason Trumps wants army parades.


@srdiver you missed the OP’s point which wasn’t all that funny IMO but I did watch the whole video and I like your comment on how this could help PTSD, :+1:


PTSD is no joke. Good video that shows a lot of insight.


maybe but this is the comment that got to me

I have personally seen older grown men suddenly stiffen to attention when we paraded the colours so having a father/uncle/grandfather/great grandfather suddenly decide to march beside us was an honour. Taking in context pretty everyone of those men came from the city or the surrounding area they were now parading or the men in the crowd served with that very regiment and with this parade annouces to the world they are home,


I want that guy on my side, bet he takes no chit…