A new edition to the collection coming soon. It's polymer..?


And it’s polymer…? Oh my! Bought myself a birthday present that I’ll end up carrying.


Should arrive by the end of the week.




Can’t wait to hear how you like it when you get it to the range!


Thanks! Been keeping an eye on this particular model for a while and I’m nearing the time I need to get my license to carry. It’s not the sarsilmaz mega but it’s a good temporary substitute…in fact it might end up being the main EDC. 18rd mags are no joke.


I agree!


I don’t know much, or anything, about this particular firearm. May I ask what drew you to it? I’d love to hear what you think after shooting it too!



Nice looking gun / nice capacity!

For all the choices available, I am also curious what drew you to the TPS brand.


tell me you’re getting this one?


My top three:

  1. Reputation / reliability
  2. How it felt in my hands / how easy it was to point
  3. Half the price of a PPQ with only slightly less of a trigger
  4. (honerable mention) 18 round mags

John, see above. While it isn’t the Sarsilmaz Mega I was after it was a close second. Wife’s getting the PPQ so there’s that too.

No. Don’t have a desire for supressors and I like the SA/DA functionality. It’s the TPSDA that I bought. :+1:


Very Nice purchase, and they come at a great price, i purchased the TP9Sfx myself and love it. cant beat the price for what you are getting. Congrats brother.


Burnt bronze is beautiful in person. I emailed Century Arms to see if these are rated for +P and or +P+. There are some +P and +P+ with over 500 ft-lbs of energy which is a ton out of a 9mm. I’ll update the thread once I hear back.




It really is. Very ergonomic and just fits my hand perfectly.



They are rated for +P but not +P+. Though I get the feeling they haven’t tested +P+… I’m half tempted to email the company in Turkey to ask the factory.

Wish Paul Harrell or @MAC would oblige and test it. I’d send them a box of Buffalo Bore to give it a go and report results back if they so choose. Don’t know how to get in touch with Mr. Harrell or if he even has a Canik TP9. At least Tim is on here occasionally and does have a Canik TP9. :thinking:



I don’t know of any handguns that state in their owner’s manuals that they are rated for +P+.

Basically, there are no standards that apply to +P+, so the gun manufacturers opt to not support the use of such non-standard loads in writing.


I get that. I just wonder if the mfg in Turkey knows the maximum pressure the firearm can handle. Surely that would be a data point during R&D they had to test yea?



Yes, they probably do know. Good luck finding out, though.


Awesome piece! On a note about ammo, do you really need +P or +P+? Standard hollow points will do just fine for defensive purposes, unless you’re trying to fight off bears.