A new edition to the collection coming soon. It's polymer..?

Sorry for the late reply. The extra 60~130 ft.lbs is always welcomed and I suppose I’m more of a “better to be overly prepared than not prepared” kinda guy. That and perhaps my “more energy thrown with less rounds tactic” is flawed? 9mm +P and +P+ meets or exceeds .45 ACP energy so that is another appealing data point of my aforementioned tactic. What do you think?


I’d guess it still performs well, but you might see some more snap and recoil when you fire. I’d say that the extra power means a decrease in shootability, and that capacity is a bigger factor (which you have plenty of) for defensive shooting. I would also think about penetration/overpenetration with the extra power, but I don’t know enough about +P or +P+ ammo to make a big claim on that. There’s also the increased wear on the gun, but all modern guns should handle it for plenty of rounds.

These are just a couple of my thoughts. I mainly run Hornady Critical Defense/Duty and Federal Hydrashocks, and i’ve never felt underpowered. A large part of defensive ammo is how it performs once it meets its target (penetration and expansion). But! Carry what you can responsibly operate and feel comfortable with, thats the important note.


Good stuff. I agree with what you’re saying. The good news is I felt zero recoil difference shooting standard pressure and +P back to back. :cowboy_hat_face: I’ve decided to avoid using +P+ for the wear and tear as you mentioned. I’m using these for right now. A bit low on the energy scale but I rather like the projectile performance itself.